PlateUp! Now Has Costumes in Patch 1.1.0

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The chaotic but fun kitchen management game PlateUp! embraces the Halloween spirit with a new update. Patch 1.1.0 brings costumes to the game, as well as themed items fit for the spookiest occasion of the year.

Costumes have finally arrived in PlateUp! There is a costume set found in the bedroom and players can choose their outfits from there. The costumes available at the moment are Pirate Hats, Ghost Costumes, and even slices of pizza.

While it may seem that costumes are only up for a limited time, the truth is that they are here to stay, even after the Halloween season ends.

Players who are looking for a more challenging experience will definitely get it, thanks to the new Trick Cards. They effectively replace the Customer Cards and can only be activated on Halloween Maps.

There are a couple of interesting Trick Cards available. The Careful Conveyance Trick Card makes Conveyors and Grabbers move slower than normal. The Grand Gesture Trick Card only allows players to have one table in their restaurant.

Here are the other interesting additions in Patch 1.1.0:

  • New Halloween setting: Get into the spookiest of seasons with the time-limited Halloween setting, including costumed customers and dedicated decorations. Take your restaurants to another level (this is a pun, because the setting is a castle on a mountain) by building your restaurants in castles on mountains. Enjoy the haunting fog and appreciate the effort your customers have gone to to make a whole costume just to go to your restaurant and order a single lettuce leaf. Show them you care by sprucing your restaurant up with some free seasonal decoration. The Halloween setting also includes two new amazing music tracks from Sam Gibbs, who was behind the other music too.
  • New decor: Too many tricks and not enough treats? The patch also includes some new decor for your restaurants! Fed up of that weird beige carpet? How would you like a weirdly baked-bean color carpet? This update includes 5 new floorings and 6 new wallpapers, most of which are nice!
  • New Foods:
    • Bone-in Steak
    • Spiny Fish
    • Pumpkin
    • Corn
  • New Appliances:
    • Teleporter
    • Rotating Grabber
  • Wallpapers and floors will now always spawn inside on decoration days to reduce outside clutter
  • Players can no longer throw out necessary ingredients that would make things impossible to make
  • Practice mode has been added to the pause menu
  • Players will now stay in place when exiting practice mode
  • Customers that get stuck for any reason should now fix their pathing, and, if they're still stuck, teleport straight to their destination

What can you say about the Halloween Update?

PlateUp! Patch 1.1.0 is available on PC.

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