Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem Update 1.06 Invites Players to the Christmas Event

Christmas Update
Christmas Update Twitter/@SeriousSamIAm

Update 1.06, aka the Christmas Update for Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem, is now available on all platforms. This patch invites you to an event where you can obtain the “Freezer” skin for the XPMB “Burner” Raygun after completing a series of tasks.

If you want to get the exclusive seasonal skin, you must find a Christmas Tree in each of the five-story chapters in Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem, which are:

  • A Smell of Petroleum Prevails
  • The Song of the Stormbringer
  • Siberiade
  • Roadside Picnic
  • Crime and Punishment

The goal here is to put decorations on the tree to open a portal where a challenge awaits. Completing that challenge will reward you with a weapon part. You will need five of these to get the coveted skin, so go out there and put some Christmas cheer on!

But that is not all of the goodies that you can get from the Christmas Update. This patch also introduces New Game+, a mode that allows you to start a new campaign with all of your skills, weapons, and gadgets intact.

Since you are already familiar with the game and you’ve acquired some awesome weapons along the way, you can expect things to be more difficult than your first playthrough. However, there are certain features that will entice you to try this new game mode out, including the ability to upgrade your weapons and make them even more powerful, and the return of a fan-favorite weapon.

Christmas Update
Christmas Update Steam
Patch Notes
  • If you have ever completed the Siberian Mayhem campaign, you are able to start the first New Game+ level from the menu, bypassing completion of the final level of the campaign.
  • In Cooperative, New Game+ offers the option to save your current Co-Op session so that you can load it at a later time and continue the endless journey with your friends! Be aware that this feature saves the state of the Co-Op session as it was at the start of the currently played level, and loading puts you at the start of the level as well.
  • If a player leaves and rejoins a Co-Op session mid-level, his skills and inventory are now restored more precisely.
  • Minimech now supports manual reloading of the cannons with the “Reload” key.
  • New ammo icon and ammo name for the Burner raygun.
  • Improvements to the enemy riding on Reptiloid, Draconian Burner, Minor Biomech and Draconian Pyromaniac.
  • Updated Reptiloid and adult Arachnoid death animations.
  • Shotgun grenade launcher now has auto-fire enabled.
  • Fixed the bug where melee on clients in Co-Op would sometimes not rotate the player towards the monster properly.
  • Fixed the bug which allowed the player to restart the elevator in the bunker on Roadside Picnic while it was already moving.
  • Fixed the bug where the weapons would not float in Netricsa outside of seasons.
  • Fixed various bugs with visibility of Key Counter HUD icons in Siberiade.
  • Fixed the bug that allowed you to kill the minefield with a Black Hole. Yeah, you read it right.
  • Added safeguards which prevent softlocks in all fights/gameplay sequences which have to be completed in order to progress.

Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem Christmas Update 1.06 is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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