Serious Sam 4 Update 1.06 Patch Notes: New Characters, Performance Improvements, and More

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It's been a while since we received a new Serious Sam 4 update. Today, developers released the latest patch 1.06. While it may not have a lot of content, there are some important changes.

Four new characters are added to the game, including Devolver’s own CEO Fork Parker. He will join Wild Wyat, and two metal bros Silicone Sam and Elohim’s Son. The latest update adds a grenade launcher for you to use against hordes of enemies. And finally, you can now quickly use gadgets (thank you for this). You may do more mayhem in the final mission too.

The game performance is improved. Processors are optimized to reduce the odds of a CPU bottleneck. The patch fixed as well some crash issues that happen during Vive la Resistance. Game developer Croteam promised that the next update will come out before Christmas.

Full changelog - 1.06 (585117):

What's new:

  • The resistance welcomes another quartet of heroes to help win the fight against Mental's hordes. By popular demand, we're turning Serious Sam 4 into a spaghetti western, with Wild Wyat bringing the thunder. Joining him are the metal bros Elohim's Son and Silicone Sam, along with Devolver's money-loving CFO Fork Parker.
  • You have forced our hand, so go to your Game Options and enable the weapon ammo list to decorate the bottom-right of your screen.
  • We have added a shiny new grenade launcher to the final level. Create some chaos. You're welcome.
  • This update introduces a quick use option for gadgets. By default, this option is not enabled, so please use the Options menu to set it up to your liking.

Performance and stability:

  • The odd and sporadic crash which happened on Vive la Resistance when you shoot a Khnum with the Devastator will now be non-existent or so rare that you'll never experience it again. I hope.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would not detect your shiny new 3000-series GPUs properly.
  • Various fixes and performance improvements for all CPU configurations. Added more CPU Speed customizations.
  • Various performance tweaks across gfx APIs.

Gameplay fixes:

  • The enemies will no longer act up when you kill them using a melee attack on a slanted surface.
  • The metal snake will now make some proper noise when you kill it as all things should.
  • Ugh-Zan will no longer break his gaze when you use the heart gadget. He's become immune to your flirting.
  • We caught them red-handed! Those pesky Pyros will no longer steal your health drops when you melee them with the Healing punch perk activated.
  • Fixed an issue where the screen would turn black if the host opens Netricsa when the client activates a multiplayer cutscene.
  • Controller auto-aiming now works with projectiles. WHAT? IT TOOK US ONLY SEVERAL YEARS; YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE RUDE ABOUT IT.
  • The Reptiloid will no longer ignore the slowdown when you are killing one of his friends with your bare hands.
  • The fight music will no longer play indefinitely after the Cocked Locked side-objective.
  • First-person hands now work in moddable executables. We aren't supporting modding just yet, but at the same time, we are because we're complicated like that.
  • The Kamikaze will no longer T-Pose when the player is in the water.
  • The third-person knife animations will no longer bug out if you hold the left mouse button while switching from dual-wield to single mode. It will also not bug out when you hold F1, O, left arrow, and middle mouse button when you're flipping someone off in real life. It never did, but that's beyond the point.
  • Dual-wielded Tommy Guns now have the proper screen shake effect.
  • Increasing the enemy multiplier in co-op will now multiply ammo as well.
  • Netricsa entries will now save in your co-op sessions.
  • MP clients will now see the end credits roll, mainly to see my name.
  • Improved how the weapon wheel handles changing two weapons at the same time.

Visual fixes:

  • Various animation fixes and tweaks across cutscenes.
  • Various visual fixes across all levels.
  • The "Prebaked" mode now offers better visuals on low-end computers.
  • Pistols now have proper shell casings. About time if you ask me.
  • The Kamikaze now has a new idle animation, as if he's ever NOT running at you screaming.

Bonus part:

  • All localizations have been improved and expanded upon, fixing issues reported by the community.
  • We have hopefully fixed all instances of missing subtitles in all languages.

Although Serious Sam 4 may not be what Doom (2016) is, it’s still a great game. Check out our review of the game here.

You can also read the complete patch notes here.

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