Serious Sam 4 Brings The Chaos On September 24

It's time to start getting serious.
It's time to start getting serious. Croteam

Serious Sam 4 is almost here, and for those “serious” about it, the official release is planned to be on September 24. The game is set to be released for the PC and Google Stadia, with pre-orders already available on Steam.

The Digital Deluxe Edition comes with a copy of Serious Sam 4 and the Digital Deluxe Pack, which includes the exclusive Classic Tommy Gun in-game weapon skin, original game soundtrack, and digital art book.

In celebration of the upcoming release, developer Croteam is releasing a five-part series, which is scheduled to release weekly. The first one is already here, which you can view below:

A look back

If didn’t watch the video. It features a number of Croteam members like Chief Creative Officer Davor Hunski. The topic of discussion in the video was mainly about how difficult it was to develop a game during the 1990s, particularly when it came to finances. In many cases it was the parents that were paying for everything.

Making this more difficult was the fact that there were not many resources available on the topic, much less YouTube tutorials, so it meant doing things by themselves. The team also had to deal with the issue that in Croatia there was a military draft.

They then sent pitches to different publishers, but only received responses from two, both of which were negative. Instead of giving up, they put up something on the internet and it exploded, forcing some publishers to eventually contact them.

What to expect

So what can players expect with this latest version of Serious Sam? There’s going to be an unimaginable number of enemies for everyone to encounter. There are the returning ones like the Headless Kamikaze and Werebull, along with new baddies like the Processed and Zealot. Not to worry as players can mow enemies down with a new set of explosive weapons. There’s the classic double-barreled shotgun, or for those who want a bigger number of casualties, the minigun. Want something unique? Try your hand at the chainsaw launcher.

Players have the option to go at it alone or with friends in a four-player online co-op mode. In addition to the main missions, players can also take on side quests with the difficulties modified for those looking for that added challenge.

Prepare and practice before the big day arrives, as the first three games in the Serious Sam series are all available on Steam. Time to get serious, indeed.

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