See If You Have What It Takes To Be The Strongest As Uppers Is Now On The PC

Ready to be the strongest?
Ready to be the strongest? XSEED Games

If you like a good fight every now and then, you might be interested in trying out Uppers. This beat-em-up brawler is now available for the PC through Steam and is priced at $29.99. The original release for Uppers was back in 2016 for the PlayStation Vita, and this new version is a full digital remaster that supports 60 frames per second along with high resolution formats.

Uppers is set on Last Resort Island, an area where the strong reign supreme. The game focuses on the story of Ranma and Michiru, who after arriving on the island have set their sights on reaching the top. However, they aren’t the only ones with that goal in mind.

In the game, players can control up to 13 characters who fight against punks that are roaming the island looking for trouble. Accompanying these fighters are a group of thrill-seeking girls that are determined to see their favorite fighter claim the victory. Players that can impress the “Queens” get the chance to earn additional power-ups.

Each character in the game comes equipped with a unique fighting style along with special combos. Characters range from street brawlers and wrestlers all the way to trained martial artists. In addition to their unique style of fighting, characters can also make use of the environment around them as a weapon. For example, characters can pummel enemies into submission and then finish them off by dunking them to a manhole or even throwing them into a helicopter.

In addition to the Standard Edition, publisher XSEED Games is also offering a Digital Deluxe Version for $39.99. In addition to the base game, this edition also comes with the digital soundtrack that offers 46 tracks. The Digital Deluxe Version also includes a digital art book that features character designs from acclaimed designer Hiroaki Hashimoto. Regardless of which version you pick up, both the Standard and Digital Deluxe editions are going to include all the previously DLC released for free, which include the bonus playable character Daidoji from the Senran Kagura series.

The original Uppers featured original Japanese text and voiceovers. The PC version, meanwhile, also comes with full English, French, Korean, and Simplified and Traditional Chinese text translations.

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