Sector's Edge v1.3.6a: New Features, Bug Fixes, and More

Sector's Edge update
Sector's Edge update steam

Sector's Edge recently got a new update that fixed tons of bugs and added some new features.

Players can finally invite other players using Discord’s invite system, which is pretty convenient. This reduces the amount of time taken to invite other players. But to accept an invite, players must have to run the game at least once with Discord enabled for the client to recognize it.

Additionally, developers have included tons of requested features by the community including being able to Alt+F4 to close the game and canceling the jump animation by sliding.

Sector's Edge v1.3.6a

  • Players now earn Fortifying points when building in the zone in Control Shift
  • Fixed issues with snapping to the ground when jumping onto a structure
  • Fixed issues with standing up and getting stuck in the corner of a block
  • The Trial Hard title now unlocks correctly when meeting all platinum times
  • Primary and Secondary text now shows when equipping a weapon as both primary and secondary
  • Fixed kill cam background bleed
  • Fixed skeletal spaghettification
  • Server list sorting now updates when changing between low-level/open/custom tabs
  • Fixed issues with removing the password from a custom lobby
  • The in-game custom lobby window now shows the correct server settings in the top-right
  • Colour pickers now update correctly when changing to a weapon skin that you do not own
  • Weapon skin colors are now retained when you customize a weapon skin before purchasing it
  • Auto-climbing now works when placing a single block underneath your feet and standing in the south-west corner of the pillar
  • Potential fix for fullscreen toggling on some GPUs
  • Potential fix for OBS and NVIDIA recording issues in full screen
  • MiDi trim color now renders correctly
  • Fixed inaccuracy with LMG overheat after 50 continuous shots
  • Characters now render in the customization hallway when dead in the ship
  • Fixed issues with screen shake wearing off
  • Fixed Ember skin color in non-bare-minimum
  • Fixed X2 Rail Gun scope border
  • Fixed gaps in the customization hallway map
  • Fixed issues with Agaman red dot crosshair rendering
  • Fixed issues with X2 and X4 scopes with Override Screen Resolution
  • Toggle Sprint setting improvements - press shift once to enable sprint forever, press shift again to disable sprint
  • Improvements to jumping - easier to chain multiple jumps
  • Players can now press jump to exit a slide
  • Players that take more than two minutes to select a loadout when joining a match will be kicked for inactivity
  • Server position smoothing improvements for players that are swimming or falling
  • Server position smoothing improvements for estimating player velocity and direction
  • The cursor is now constrained to the game window (when in-game) to prevent clicking outside the game window when looking around quickly in the game
  • Teleporting usability improvements in custom maps
  • Explosion chaining ownership algorithm improvements
  • Changed default sensitivity value for 2X scopes from 1.0 to 0.5
  • Changed default sensitivity value for 4X scopes from 1.0 to 0.25
  • Smoother auto block climbing
  • Desync improvements when navigating complex terrain
  • Discord Game Invites
  • High-Quality Meshing performance setting that distributes some load from the GPU to the CPU
  • Out-of-bounds effect post processing now renders on Bare Minimum
  • Polling Rate setting that controls how often you wish to receive player data (position, rotation) from the server. Currently either 30 FPS or 60 FPS
  • Slightly faster startup time
  • Faster skeletal animation system
  • Player rendering optimizations
  • Rendering optimizations when ADS with 2X and 4X scopes
  • Bare minimum rendering pipeline optimizations
  • First-person weapon rendering optimizations

You can read more about the update here.

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