Sector's Edge Update 1.3.6: Game Engine Improvements, Bug Fixes, and More

Sector's Edge update
Sector's Edge update steam

Sector's Edge developer, Vercidium, recently released a new update that fixed tons of bugs and even made some changes to the game.

The developers have optimized the game's engine, which now loads faster, stutters less, and runs more stable, lowering the odds of game crashes. The servers have also been improved, which makes gaming smoother and more bearable even for players with high ping.

Another they optimized was resource management and game startup. The game now starts better while using less memory with reduced stuttering as it loads resources in the background.

Sector's Edge Update 1.3.6


  • Fixed desync issues
  • Fixed client-side performance issues, stutters, and freezes
  • Fixed lobby claims from the server list
  • Fixed shadows on weapon models when ADS with a 2X or 4X scope
  • Weapon skin color is now consistent across static and animated models
  • Fixed issues with recoil after initially spawning
  • Fixed 1x1x1 Digger player damage in the ship
  • Fixed issues with spawning in the Arena
  • Fixed spawning inside blocks in Breakthrough/Control Shift when spawning in a cluster spawn that's no longer in a valid position (e.g. enemy captured a zone)
  • Setting Chat Timeout to infinite now keeps chat visible
  • The Previous + Next Weapon keybinds now function the same in the ship and in the game
  • Lobby owners can now properly select custom maps in the Lobby Panel
  • Expired cluster spawns no longer shown
  • Fixed startup issues
  • Fixed Steam connection and authentication issues
  • Fixed backend connection issues
  • Fixed loadout re-ordering
  • Lobby panel functionality now works (player management and map switching)
  • Fixed networking issues when joining a server
  • All maps in the map list are now visible when scrolling down
  • Fixed custom map list UI
  • Players can now claim lobbies before they join the match/spawn in
  • Fixed incorrect first-time spawn position on SAL/BRK/CS/ESC
  • Salvage canister icon now shows the correct color when contested
  • Fixed issues with weapon skins changing when equipping weapons that don't have sight customization
  • Fixed shooting range target textures on the bare minimum
  • Fixed "1 Skin Token" text showing when unlocking crosshairs
  • Fixed loadout + grenade + ammo issues
  • Fixed issues with melee-ing Scanners/C4/ Disruptors/Grenades
  • Players now spawn on podiums correctly in Gun Game and Head Hunter
  • Players now spawn holding their primary
  • Fixed stutter and lag from sounds when first starting up the game
  • Crosshair color now saves and loads correctly
  • Weapon camo scales are now consistent across the game
  • Peacekeeper no longer shows enemies as newbies in FFA game modes
  • Fixed sight type selection in-game
  • Colour pickers now update correctly when customizing weapons in-game


  • A huge amount of backend stabilization updates and optimizations
  • Texture resolution now applies to map textures as well
  • Lobby Claim UI is now greyed out if you aren't the lobby owner or if a tournament is running
  • All 3D sounds travel 15% further
  • Desync-prevention improvements
  • Networking improvements
  • Client- and server-side position smoothing improvements for less peeker's advantage and smoother movement


  • Texture quality setting: quarter, half, and full
  • Added a skip button to the loadout and server list tutorials


  • Starting blocks in the Arena increased from 300 to 1,000


  • Reduced RAM and VRAM usage
  • Reduced game download size by 250 MB
  • Networking cleanup and memory optimizations

You can read more about the update here.

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