Sector's Edge Update 2.0.7: New Additions and Bug Fixes

Sector's Edge Update 2.0.7
Sector's Edge Update 2.0.7 Steam

Sector's Edge received an update that introduced new block skin and several other additions, along with bug fixes and server changes.

New Block Skin

The latest update features a new Hazard block skin, which can be unlocked with 10,000 Protons. The developers also switched the default metal from Human Metal to Agaman metal. While it seems new colors are not yet introduced, they wanted to try green, purple and red as well.

Server Changes

The developer removed duplicate US servers that were near each other, as well as the Dubai server until they could find a better provider for the latter. Fortunately, the Sao Paulo and Johannesburg servers received, thanks to a better provider.

Vertical Build Flipping

Players can now press R or a customized key to vertically flip your structure. This may lead to the creation of unique new base designs.

Sector's Edge Update 2.0.7

  • Fixed misaligned player icons in the full minimap view.
  • Mods are now visible in the loadout list.
  • Fixed disappearing/flickering UI on older GPUs.
  • Fixed reload timing on the server.
  • Preset dropdowns on the loadout screen now display the correct preset when the same gun is equipped in the primary and secondary slots.
  • Minimap icons no longer rotate with the player in the full map view.
  • Fixed an issue with stat tracking and equipping titles.
  • Fixed characterskin-token transaction log entries.
  • Fixed Soltrium canister explosions in custom maps.
  • Fixed out-of-bounds on the last zone in Aegis Oasis.
  • Fixed a shader issue on old GPUs that prevented the game from starting up.
  • New players no longer appear to have the 'Alpha Tester' title.
  • "Click in the green area to spawn" text that shows the first time a player joins a match.
  • New “Damage per mag” weapon stat which shows the total damage output from a full magazine.
  • Flip Structure keybind that flips your structure vertically.
  • Hazard block skin - available for 10k Protons.
  • Ability to enable/disable out of bounds when testing custom maps.
  • MinWaterLevel and MaxWaterLevel map JSON settings.
  • Synthetic Afterlife Soltec-themed underscoring track.
  • Cold Harbour, Soltec Plaza and Aegis Oasis art.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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