Second Extinction Update Lost Items Feature, Multiplayer Issues Resolved

Second Extinction
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Second Extinction recently received a new update that fixed many issues in multiplayer and made some improvements to the game.

One of the best features in this update is “Lost Items.” This automatically stores progress on the servers in case the player disconnects or crashes due to some reason. Additionally, the developers fixed the FPS dropping dramatically when a lot of visual effects appeared on the screen, which was quite annoying when playing an online game.

Second Extinction Update

General Improvements
  • Level cap increased to 50 for all the players on all platforms
  • Contracts unlocked at levels 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50
  • Improvements regarding consistency in the description of contracts. Now the contract objectives are easier to understand
  • Added the ability to view the current contract from the game session
  • Rosy Quality of Life improvements:
    • Static Barrier
    • Ability’s Icon now shows the number of uses available
Abilities and Perks
  • Hitting enemies with Jack's Charge ability at low speeds is now less likely to cancel the ability
  • The Hair trigger perk is now functioning for the Grenade Launcher and Revolver
  • Jack's Charge ability now knocks enemies aside when used very close to them
  • Air Strike and Jurgen's Satchel Charge kills are now counted towards the progression of contracts
  • Player is no longer able to call Supply drops under dropships
  • Pistol and Assault Rifle have now consistent fire rate with Burst Fire perk
  • Shrapnel damage from Slugshot is now counted correctly towards total damage dealt in the mission summary
  • The Fully Automatic perk on Pistol now works as intended
  • The corresponding indicator is now displayed correctly when the player’s character uses 'Health Stim'
  • Amir's Orbital Surveillance ability is no longer highlighting enemies after they are killed
  • Fixed issues when the third player could not join multiplayer lobby
  • If the host of a multiplayer party leaves a session, it can now join the other two players again either through invite or join game in the Xbox Shell interface (Xbox version)
  • Critical health value shows correctly for all the players in the party and divided into segments as intended
  • Players should not be stuck on the "Difficulty in connecting to party" screen
  • Fixed issue when the player was unable to access "Rejoin last session" button while using a gamepad
  • Fixed issues when UI is not updated if a player disconnects from the game
  • Fixed crash when player tried to Unlink profile and exit game (Steam version)
  • Fixed crash when a player changed video settings
  • Fixed crash when players opened "Upgrade Account" and "Xbox Overlay" on the controller simultaneously (Xbox version)
  • Fixed issues when the game became frozen if player rejoined session for the second time
  • Player should no longer have infinite loading when trying to log into an already used email

You can read more about the update here.

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