Second Extinction Enters Early Access On Steam Next Month

Second Extinction
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Developer Systemic Reaction's PvE multiplayer shooter Second Extinction has finally received a release date. Second Extinction takes place in a new ice age setting that is overrun by dinosaurs. Originally, the game was scheduled to release in September, but now it has been confirmed to go into Early Access on Steam on October 13.

The three-player co-op game requires players to team up and fight hostile dinosaurs that prevent the squad from completing missions. Players can choose from four character classes, outfit themselves with gear, and pick where to deploy on the map. The game is quite simple: you deploy, reach the objective, kill some dinos, and get out alive. The game will offer heavy weapons and artillery to take out the monstrous lizards. Second Extinction was also praised by IGN's Ryan McCaffrey, who described the game as "Robert Muldoon's dream game."

Second Extinction promises to offer fast-paced and bloody combat. The game will encourage players to take on the massive beasts head-on, rather than taking a stealthy approach like Deathground, another dinosaur game that's currently in development which is focused on stealth and survival. It is also said that some dinosaurs in Second Extinction will have weak points and players will need to attack these weak spots to bring the giant reptiles down. Players can also get knocked down after taking considerable damage from dinosaur attacks, but they can be revived by teammates.

It seems that Second Extinction will be a fun shooter to play with friends, but there's a high chance that the game may lack depth, keeping it from becoming an engaging experience. Nevertheless, since Second Extinction is launching in Early Access, the developer could use player feedback to improve the game and make it more exciting. Fans have reacted quite positively to Second Extinction's trailer and should be looking forward to it.

Second Extinction will be going into Early Access on October 13 for Steam. Second Extinction will also release on the Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X

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