Season One Hotshots for Destruction AllStars Now Live

An exclusive event.
An exclusive event. Lucid Games

The first post-launch season of Destruction AllStars is finally here. Season One Hotshots introduces a new character, an accompanying story, and a new AllStar Pass. These are the first set of new content with more to be released at a later date.

The latest character to be introduced is Alba, which is a veteran of the competition. She returns intending to whip the AllStars into shape. There’s no question that she is more than capable especially with her high-tech battle suit. Arriving with Alba is her very own Story Mode, and here, players get to learn more about this character.

There are also exclusive unlockable cosmetic rewards for those competing in the game’s seven challenges. Take note that some of these challenges are going to be exclusive game modes and won’t be offered in online multiplayer.

Arriving in the game as well is the AllStar Pass. This is a brand new method to get cosmetic rewards in the game's online multiplayer mode.

In a post, Lucid Games Community Manager George Rule revealed that more features are coming to the game. On May 19, the Photo Mode will arrive in the game. This lets players get up close and personal amidst all the mayhem and destruction.

Another feature is the Blitz game mode scheduled on June 2 to test how players perform as a team. Four teams, each having three players, get to fight in an arena. What makes this mode challenging is that there are AllStar lockouts where players cannot use the same AllStar twice though their ability energy is carried over between rounds.

Below are some of the content now available in the game along with those being planned for release:

  • May 5
    • New character and Hero Vehicle
    • Story Mode – Alba
  • AllStar Pass
    • Offers more than 100 tiers of unlocks.
  • May 19
    • Capture the Mayhem (Photo Mode)
    • Story Mode – Ratu
  • June 2
    • Competitive Mode
  • June 9
    • Story Mode – Boxtop
  • July 7
    • Story Mode – Angelo
  • May to July
    • 3 Featured playlists

Destruction AllStars is a vehicular combat game released on PlayStation 5 on February 2. In the game, players take control of one of the 16 characters, also known as AllStars, which have unique hero vehicles.

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