Sea of Thieves: Update 2.6.0 Lets Players Buy Their Own Ships

Season Seven
Season Seven TWitter/@SeaOfThieves

Update 2.6.0 for Sea of Thieves is now available, and it marks the beginning of Season Seven. One of the biggest highlights of this patch is that players can now buy their ships, provided they have enough spare gold to do so. They can choose what type of ship they want to have, and they can decorate the vessel according to their preference as well.

The latest patch for Sea of Thieves also brings plenty of gameplay improvements. For one, players can now zoom in on any map, note, or Quest Book to improve visibility. This can be done by pressing the “F” key on PC or clicking the right stick on the controller.

Furthermore, defeated solo players sent to the Ferry of the Damned will no longer have to wait a full 25 seconds to return to their ship; a welcome change that can help them get back to the action as soon as possible.

In addition, memory optimizations have been made to ensure that Sea of Thieves runs admirably well even on older consoles and low-specced PCs. This is a good thing, especially since players can now buy and decorate ships.

Here are the highlights of Update 2.6.0:

  • Players can capitalize on the introduction of Captains of Adventure this Season to earn Renown, both by completing Captain’s Voyages and by selling Recovered Captain’s Log Books taken from rival crews
  • Making progress through the 100 levels of this Season will reward pirates with the new Courage of Captaincy clothing set, along with time-limited Perilous Seas cosmetics
  • Washed-Up Stools
    • While players will have seen stools dotted around the world before, these special, interactable stools can now be discovered washed up on islands.
    • These stools can be picked up and carried by players. Fancy a seat on the beach while your crew digs for treasure? Now you can bring your own!
  • Removal of Enemy Ships
    • When on board an enemy ship, players are no longer able to revive their crewmates.
  • Reduced Cannonball Knockback on Sloops
    • Players aboard a Sloop will find that the knockback from cannonball splash damage no longer propels them so far into the air, preventing them from being so easily sent overboard. However, they will still be knocked back and disorientated by the blast.
  • Disabling Sloop Mast Friendly-Fire
    • Chainshots will no longer damage the masts of players’ own ships when fired upwards from a cannon on the deck.

The full patch notes can be found on the official site.

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