Sea of Thieves: It’s Time to Look for The Forsaken Hunter

There's something fishy...
There's something fishy... Rare LTD

The fifth adventure of Sea of Thieves is now live and everyone is invited to look for The Forsaken Hunter. It’s all about "Merry" Merrick, who appears to have vanished without a trace. This event ends on July 14.

For those new to the game, Merrick was first introduced as the fearless fisherman in The Hungering Deep. Since then, he has become a familiar face to a lot of pirates. Lately, he’s been leading the restoration of Golden Sands, a beloved Outpost now in ruins due to the nefarious schemes of Captain Flameheart.

It seems that after winning against The Reaper’s Bones, Merrick has gone missing.

As the fifth adventure, that means those new to the game need to go through the first four. To make things easier, be sure to check the latest in the series of Adventures Ahead primer articles.

Start the Search

Many questions need to be answered and it appears that the only way to discover the truth about what happened to Merrick is to talk to Larinna. Always remember to follow her advice when doing the search. The journey then proceeds to Stephen’s Call, the Seapost where Merrick often spends his days as the representative of The Hunter’s Call.

Look for Clues

The search for Merrick is sure to take pirates far and wide. Along the way, players are going to meet some familiar friends and foes. In fact, some of them will offer clues on the location of the Hunter along with the motives of those who are scheming against him.

To fully reveal the conspiracy, players need to depend on keen eyes and a sharp sword.

Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery? If you want to know more, learn about the new update here.

Sea of Thieves is a pirate-themed shared-world adventure game that was first released on PC and Xbox One. It was later optimized and made available on Xbox Series X/S. The game offers a memorable pirate experience, one that’s packed with sailing, exploring, fighting, plundering, solving riddles, and hunting for treasures.

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