Sea of Thieves Update 2.5.0 Introduces Sea Forts and Removes the Arena

Sea of Thieves Update 2.5.0
Sea of Thieves Update 2.5.0 Rare

Season 6 of Sea of Thieves is finally here, so expect tons of new content dropping throughout the season. Update 2.5.0 adds another 100 levels of Renowned-based progression for players to earn rewards and fill up their treasures. The highlight of this update is the newly introduced Sea Forts found across the sea. All players can try to complete the Sea Forts to find rewards at the end of the area.

Sea Forts

Six explorable Sea Forts can be found and each will have distinct features to make every adventure unique. Players have to be completely ready before going in. Once a Sea Fort is located, ghostly lights and flags imply that it is fortified.

More details about the enemies and rewards can be found here, but try going in without too many clues to be surprised.

The Arena

The Arena is now permanently closed because the developers want to focus on building the open-world aspect of the game. The developers also shared the fact that only 2% of players consistently play The Arena, which means this game mode wasn’t made for everyone.

Sea of Thieves Update 2.5.0

Fixed Issues
  • When progressing through Tall Tales or Siren Shrines, players approaching mechanisms previously used by other players will now see them in the correct location and position.
  • When players sit in a Rowboat, interaction prompts for nearby seats and objects are no longer shown as they cannot be interacted with until the player stands.
  • When players holding a Cargo Crate attempt to hand it in to the incorrect character, the tooltip now emphasizes the correct hand-in location.
  • Players who have been vomited on twice are no longer immune to fire damage.
  • The achievements entitled A Rare Delicacy and Night Bite should now unlock when completing the required criteria.
  • New pirates equipping a shovel for the first time will now be shown the Burying Items tutorial.
  • Players can now redeem purchased commodities with the Merchant Alliance representative at Morrow’s Peak Outpost.
  • Within the Settings menu, the ‘Swim Up’ controller binding should no longer display within the keyboard binding area.
Sunken Kingdom
  • Players disconnecting and rejoining the game with treasure stored in a Sunken Merfolk Statue will now once again be able to retrieve it from the surface.
  • Players searching for the Breath of the Sea will no longer find that it disappears if they take an extended amount of time to complete the Voyage.
  • Retrieving treasure from a Sunken Merfolk Statue within the Treasury of Sunken Shores should no longer place items where players cannot retrieve them.
  • Players should no longer find areas within the Treasury of the Lost Ancients where they can clip into the geometry and fall under the world.
  • Players can no longer step through a small gap in the environment within the Treasury of the Lost Ancients to access the Vault early.

You can read more about the update here.

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