Sea of Thieves Update Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes

Sea of Thieves
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Sea of Thieves got a new update that fixed bugs and improved its overall stability.

An issue where players could reach areas that allowed them to get out of the map and into restricted areas has been fixed by this update. Additionally, developers have improved server stability that should reduce the unwanted removal of crewmates from sessions.

Sea of Thieves Update

  • Equipping the Merchant Alliance Cannons will now attach the correct ship cannon appearance.
Tall Tales
  • When joining a crew in progress, the Wraith Statue at the start of the island experience will now guide players to the correct location.
  • When a crewmate is holding the Cursed Captain, other members of the crew will now see the skull animate when talking.
  • Retrieving the Brig Key while holding an object should no longer cause the key to become lost.
  • After retrieving the Brig Key, players should be able to walk freely around the brig.
  • Rejoining a game session at the Ferry of the Damned will now allow access to the lower deck.
  • Pulleys located in the environments will now display a prompt when they are unable to be used.
  • When an Ocean Crawler emerges from the ground, it will now display appropriate visual effects.
  • Crews reaching the salvaging room should no longer find the correct statue sequence fails to raise the water level, leaving them unable to proceed.
  • On entering the Trophy Room, interacting with the pulleys prior to defeating the Ocean Crawlers will no longer prevent players from escaping the room.
  • When the Silver Blade battle resets after a failed attempt to complete it, restarting the encounter will now allow players to correctly board the ship.
  • Crews can now successfully retrieve the Chest of Everlasting Sorrows if it’s discovered after the Silver Blade Battle.
  • If the Chest of Everlasting Sorrows is discovered after the Silver Blade Battle, the side door should now open when the antechamber is reached.
  • The hand-in location for the Villagers’ Valuables has been made clearer for players.
  • Pulleys located in the environments will now display a prompt when they are unable to be used.
  • Ghostly Resource Crates retrieved during the encounter can no longer be cashed in for gold, reputation, or Seasonal Renown.
  • Once the Black Pearl is able to be boarded, migrating to a new server will now bring the Black Pearl to the new location, enabling crews to complete the Tale.
  • Sirens are now able to consistently attack with melee strikes when a player is moving backward.
Pirate Emporium
  • Equipping the Eternal Freedom Cannons on the Brigantine will now allow players to fire themselves out at the correct angle on all ship cannons.
Performance and Stability
  • Crews should no longer experience scenarios where they are unable to board their ship and fall through into the sea instead.
  • Improved client stability when traveling through the Tunnels of the Damned.

You can read more about the update here.

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