Sea of Thieves 2.0.21 New Season, Bug Fixes, and More

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Rare, the developer of Sea of Thieves, released an update that brings in Season One. This update also includes some major changes, cool improvements, and new cosmetics, which can be found in the outpost.

For Xbox Series X, users can now enjoy the new performance mode that supports up to 120Hz at 1080p resolution. But you may have to turn off HDR mode as some TVs don’t support it. An issue where players have trouble connecting to servers while the game is suspended has been resolved. This should allow you to use other applications without being interrupted by the queue.

Sea of Thieves 2.0.21


120Hz Performance Mode

  • On the Xbox Series X console, a performance mode is available supporting 120Hz at 1080p. Some TVs do not support 120Hz and HDR simultaneously, so HDR may need to be disabled from the Console Settings.

Larinna’s Black Market

  • The Black Market ‘Goodies for Gold’ tab has been removed and the Ritual Skull Stash Voyage moved to the Doubloon store.



  • Reduced the frequency of players encountering an extended black screen or becoming stuck when using a mermaid or returning from the Ferry of the Damned.
  • Skeleton ships should now take hull damage when on fire.
  • When performing consecutive heavy cutlass strikes, the lunge animation should now show correctly when blocking between each strike.
  • Opening or closing a Collector’s Chest held by another player should now correctly show as opened or closed for the player holding it.
  • Items inside a Collector’s Chest should now only be retrievable when the chest is open.
  • Washed-up items should no longer appear to hover above ground when leaving the area and coming back.
  • The Frozen Horizon and Nightshine Parrot Wheels have been modified to make it more obvious when the ship is sailing straight.
  • The Sailor Cannon Flare now has the correct name and description.

Pirate Emporium

  • The Soulflame Ship Bundle now uses the correct local currency pricing.

Mysterious Notes

  • Notes should now read correctly, even when shown to others.
  • Stowing a Mysterious Note and re-equipping it from the radial should result in it being wielded as expected.

Tall Tales

  • Vault Totems acquired during a Tall Tale can no longer be sold to representatives of the Gold Hoarders or Reaper’s Bones.
  • Shores of Gold – While exploring the Shores of Gold, if another crew starts the Tall Tale the medallions should no longer appear in the air within the Vault.


  • To improve readability, the font size in Korean and Chinese languages has been increased in a range of areas along with additional punctuation.

Performance and Stability

  • When trying to join a crew that has disbanded, players should now receive an appropriate error message.
  • While Sea of Thieves is suspended, joining a game should no longer cause instability.
  • Further improvements made to server performance, reducing latency during gameplay.
  • Improvements made to server stability, reducing disconnections during gameplay.

You can read more about the update here.

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