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Gamepires, the developer of SCUM, recently released a new update which adds one new weapon. The M1911, which is a classic weapon in most games, is now available to use. The developers have also added to the Anniversary Bar, which can be found in the city of Samobor. The bar will have drinks, and a DJ with a new playlist. Don’t forget to look cool with the new items before entering the bar. These items include new party glasses and a hip flask.

SCUM Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

Tournament Mode:

We've received a lot of feedback from both tournament participants and viewers alike, and now we're releasing the tournament mode out to the world!

Activating tournament mode:

  • Center X/Center Y - center point of the event (last point), bare in mind that it can't be outside of the map boundaries so it automatically gets moved within the borders even if you place it outside.
  • Delay - time in minutes from activating the tournament to the tournament actually starting, a preparation time of a sort.
  • Duration - you've guessed it, the duration time of the tournament, also in minutes.

Ending tournament mode:


  • If you leave the zone, you have about five second to return before dying.
  • You can respawn normally by using fame points, but "At Shelter" respawn is prohibited.
  • When the zone is at 10% of it’s original size, Sudden Death mode will be activated which means no more respawns.
  • The winner is the last person to be alive after Sudden Death is activated.
  • The area is closing in dynamically and the smallest area has a radius of one meter.
  • You will get notified (visual and sound notification) about tournament being activated, a little before tournament starts, start of the tournament, sudden death activation and tournament ending.
  • Each participant gets a set of starting gear on every respawn and the starting gear includes:
    • Improvised Handgun .50cal
    • Improvised Courier Backpack
    • 20 rounds of .50AE
    • Painkiller pills
  • Toggle scoreboard by pressing F1.

There is a lot of room to twist the tournament mode to your liking, you can change the map size beforehand, change respawn costs, tweak fame points, tweak loot and a lot of other stuff to customize the whole experience.

New Weapon:

Our weapon arsenal is getting a new member! A real classic amongst its kin, M1911 is a semi-automatic, magazine-fed pistol chambered for the .45ACP cartridge. It will spawn in all the regular places + WWII bunkers. You will be able to find it in three different versions: standard, gold and engraved.

Anniversary Bar:

Feeling tired after a whole day of chasing hot puppets in your area? Found a new tractor and want to treat your squadmates to a cold beer? Then SCUM Bar is the perfect place for you! The bar is located on the old location in the city of Samobor but it got some upgrades, so go and check it out.

There is no party without good music, so we have a brand new playlist just for the SCUM Bar. Not only that, but you can also start a fight by turning the music off on this DJ mixer.

New Items:

If you want to be respected in our SCUM Bar society, you have to look cool. What better way than to put some Party Glasses on, eh? And of course, you don't want to go drinking unprepared. You can use the new Hip Flask and come ready for a wild night!

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the bug where you were unable to gain XP for throwing.
  • Fixed the bug where it was not possible to bury a chest after canceling the bury action the first time.
  • Fixed the bug where you were unable to fire shotguns and bolt action rifles after certain actions.
  • Fixed the bug where explosion particles would not show when in a vehicle.
  • Fixed numerous level design issues.
  • Fixed M1891 not spawning in WWII bunkers.
  • Fixed flashlight issues with RPK, UMP, and MP5-SD.
  • Fixed window palisades not doing damage when walking on top of them.
  • Fixed door frames not doing damage when walking on top of them.
  • Fixed placed wall blueprints being finishable even if a flag was built in the area in the meantime.

QoL Additions:

  • Compass can now only be seen while in focus mode.
  • Player can now unpack ammo box that is held in hands.
  • Removed flashlight attachment slot on MP5-K.
  • Fixed low visibility through OKP-7 and XPS sights.
  • Reduced bullet tracer effect for regular, AP and crafted bullets.
  • Sentries will no longer perfectly aim at a player for a couple of seconds after they have lost sight of them, but rather aim at their last known location.
  • Adjusted the angles of sentry detection.
  • Sentries will no longer attempt to use a kick attack when a player is standing above them.
  • Silent alarms will now send you notifications even if offline (on login).
  • Practice bomb now uses full metal scrap, not it's durability.

New Admin Commands:

· StormProbabilityMultiplier - Modifies storm probability (default is 1).

  • Default is 1.
  • 0.0 to 1.0 results in more frequent storms - 0.0 represents a never-ending storm
  • 1.0 to 1000.0 results in less frequent storms

· HideKillNotifications=0/1 - Allows the enabling/disabling of the kill notifications (default is 1).

· AllowKillClaiming=0/1 - Allows the enabling/disabling of kill claiming (default is 1).

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