Scribble It!: Patch Allows Players to Change In-Game UI Color

Scribble It!
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Scribble It! is a drawing game that will remind you of the adrenaline-fueled Pictionary games you had in school. It boasts thousands of official words in 17 different languages. This game features four multiplayer game modes and co-op play with up to 15 people. There is a single-player mode too.

The game has received Patch recently, and this allows you to change the color of the in-game user interface. This feature was removed but is now back. You can change the color of the UI by heading to the Options menu. If the community likes this particular feature, the devs might include an option to change the color of the main menu in future updates.

An improvement for word selection has also been implemented in this patch. Now, if you select a word, you can see which of the word packages that particular word comes from. The developers are hoping that this change would make it easier for you to decide, in addition to reducing the ambiguities between different languages.

One last notable improvement is that you can now select multiple word packages at once when creating a lobby. Doing this is quite simple. First, you choose your initial word package. Next, you press and hold the SHIFT key then click on the subsequent packages you want to select.

Patch Notes

  • Added customizable in-game colors
  • Added option to search for multiple game modes at once
  • Added shift selecting for lobby creation to select multiple word packages at once
  • Moved drawings from Scribbles to Drawings folder
  • Word package names are now shown for drawing players
  • Fixed hosting players could be vote kicked
  • Fixed hosting players can't start a vote kick
  • Fixed own word package changes are not directly shown
  • Fixed online players are not shown on the Discord button
  • Fixed long hotkeys causing the toolbar to change layout
  • Fixed report text can't be edited, when guessing the word
  • Fixed title of drawing is deleted when deleting favorite
  • Fixed rich presence doesn't work correctly in the main menu
  • Fixed analytics are disabled by default
  • Fixed save hotkey is not shown
  • Fixed various crashes

Scribble It! Patch is now available on PC.

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