Scrap Rush!! Set For A Western Release On PC And Switch Later This Month

Acquire's take on Bomberman is finally releasing for Western players.
Scrap Rush!! gets a June 20 release date for the Switch and PC.
Scrap Rush!! gets a June 20 release date for the Switch and PC. PQube

Acquire Corp’s Scrap Rush!! is coming to the West for Switch and PC on June 20. Are you ready for it?

The maze-based multiplayer arcade game developed by Acquire Corp and published by PQUBE, Scrap Rush!!, will be available on the Nintendo eShop or Steam. After its Nintendo release in Japan last month, Scrap Rush!! is ready to take over North America and Europe.

In Scrap Rush!! you enter an arena filled with metal blocks along with some friends. You might be reminded of some classic games like Bomberman, however instead of gathering bombs, you collect scraps. These scraps can be used for crushing your opponents and grabbing their scraps, but keep in mind that you have to dodge the opponents’ attacks while doing this. The last remaining robot, or the one who gathered the most scraps, will win the game, this of course depends on the mode that you’re playing.

The two different models of robots players can use include the old model that collect scraps with a vacuum arm, Sweep Proto, and the new model that collect scraps with a strong magnet, Mag Nex.

The mechanics are rather simple. You can either stand beside a block or create your own block using scraps. It’s your choice. Get into a good position and line up the perfect shot. Watch as scraps come flying around after you crush your opponents between the blocks and walls.

There are plenty of game modes to choose from, with a total of three Player versus Player modes that can accommodate up to four players and two cooperative modes.

Player versus Player Mode:

  • Point Match – Players with the most scraps take the win
  • Survival Match – The last remaining robot wins
  • Scrap Battle – Gather as much scrap in your team’s area as you can to win the game

Cooperative Mode:

  • Scrush Mode – Fill up your super gauge while defending yourself from 99 waves of crazy robots to summon a massive block of scrap.
  • Challenge Mode –You can face the AI with friends or even by yourself in Point Match, Survival Match, or Scrap Battle to face a boss.

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