SCRAP RUSH!! Gets North American Release This Summer

SCRAP RUSH!! Crunchyroll

Prepare to fight it out with friends as a North America and Europe release for SCRAP RUSH!! has been confirmed. Players can expect the game to be released this summer for the Nintendo Switch and PC platforms.

SCRAP RUSH!! has a multiplayer mode that allows a maximum of four players to duke it out. This maze-based arcade game may gave some players that nostalgic feel, as it is sure to remind them of the well-known multiplayer franchise Bomberman. However, this time instead of dropping bombs, players collect scraps that they then turn into blocks. These blocks are launched in a straight line and opponents that get caught between the blocks are wall are instantly crushed. While there are different game modes, generally the last scrapper standing or the one with the most scrap wins the match.

Here are other details about the game:

The Rivals

  • Sweep Proto
    • The old model
    • Gathers scrap with his vacuum arm!
    • The new model
    • Gathers scrap with a powerful magnet!

How to play

  • Choose a block
  • Get next to a block or create one with scrap.
  • Position yourself to line up a shot.
  • Crush your enemies between the block and the wall to watch their scrap go flying in a big explosion!

Game modes

  • Player versus Player
    • Point Match
      • Gather the most scrap to win!
    • Survival Match
      • Be the last robot standing!
    • Scrap Battle
      • Split in teams and gather the most scrap to your team's area.
  • Cooperative
    • Scrush Mode
      • Defend yourselves against up to 99 waves of mad robots and fill your super gauge to call in a giant scrap block!
    • Challenge Mode
      • Take on the AI with your friends or on your own in Point Match, Survival Match or Scrap Battle and face a mighty boss!

SCRAP RUSH!! is developed by Acquire Corp. and published by PQube. Acquire is known for games like Tenchu, Way of the Samurai, and AKIBA’S TRIP. PQube meanwhile has established a good success record with a number of major franchises like Steins;Gate, Guilty Gear, Kotodama, BlazBlue, and Cat Quest.

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