ScourgeBringer Exits Early Access This October On PC, Switch, And Xbox One

A PS4 version was not mentioned.
Dear Villagers will bring ScourgeBringer out of Early Access on October 21.
Dear Villagers will bring ScourgeBringer out of Early Access on October 21. Dear Villagers

Publisher Dear Villagers and developer Flying Oak Games have just announced that the action adventure roguelite game ScourgeBringer will soon be leaving Steam’s Early Access and launch on multiple platforms come October 21.

For those who are not in the know, ScourgeBringer is a roguelite that puts players in the role of Kyhra: the deadliest warrior of her clan. Set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with threats from a mysterious Eldritch-like entity that is poised to end the world, Kyhra must now explore the unknown and face dangerous threats such as ancient machines and strange ghosts and begin her journey towards the redemption of humanity. Throughout her adventure, Kyhra will stumble upon mysteries and uncover mementos of those who came before her that will unlock mysteries shrouding the Eldritch monolith.

Gameplay wise, ScourgeBringer has everything that can be expected from a roguelite: procedurally generated levels and worlds, tight controls, and fluid movement animations. Combat mechanics include slashing, shooting, and movement abilities that can be mixed and matched together. Progression does not provide stat boosts, but instead will unlock a string of moves and combos that add variety to the way one approaches enemies, especially boss battles. What potentially sets it apart is its gorgeous art style, which is similar to award-winning platformer Celeste's aesthetics, with its 16-bit art style, colorful and level dependent palettes, and flashy movement and weaponry effects and animations.

As for its audio deisgn, Joonas Turner (who is known for his work on Nuclear Throne, Downwell, and Broforce) is at the helm of ScourgeBringer's scoring. ScourgeBringer originally came to Steam Early Access in January of this year and has since received a plethora of content updates, fixes, and gameplay improvements. Its relatively short stay in Early Access has had it garnering a solid and very respectable Very Positive Rating on Steam out of over 1,000 reviews.

ScourgeBringer version 1.0 will launch for the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, and Linux via Steam as well as Xbox Game Pass for PC on October 21. A PlayStation 4 version has been confirmed, but no release date has been disclosed as of this writing.

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