Savior Announcement Trailer: Rebuild A Divided Civilization In This Parkour Game

Previously known as Into the Rift.
Starsoft Entertainment has released an announcement trailer for their 8-bit parkour game, Savior.
Starsoft Entertainment has released an announcement trailer for their 8-bit parkour game, Savior. Starsoft Entertainment

The action adventure platformer Savior (which previously known as Into the Rift) has recently released an announcement trailer, and it showcases all of Savior's 8-bit parkour goodness in action.

In the world of Savior, players will be put in the shoes of the protagonist named Sam. Set on the island-nation of Arcadia, the country is immersed in the middle of an ancient conflict between two factions of the population, known as The Chosen and The Fallen. Split by the deepest of beliefs, it is up to Sam to do everything in her power to reunite her people after centuries of conflict.

In Savior, you can control Sam to explore and discover the mysterious island-nation of Arcadia and hunt through medieval wilds and the lost realm of The Fallen. You can also find powerful weapons, tools, and allies. Probably Savior's flashiest feature, the game allows you to parkour through the environment, dash through caverns, climb walls, and dive off ledges with smooth and intuitive acrobatics. As you journey across Arcadia, you have to decide whether you approach its citizens with strategic banter or combat as every foe is also a potential friend. As you earn the trust of the people, you will be offered quests to restore the peace throughout the land. Through experience, you’ll be able to gain skills that will improve your endurance, strength and abilities.

From the beginning, Starsoft Entertainment has made it known that their action adventure platformer puts a heavy focus on interesting storylines and character development, all within an open-world environment not typically seen in your usual linear platformers. Through this open world, you can rebuild barriers and outposts at each location to keep your enemies at bay. This will also allow you to rescue shopkeepers and craftsmen that will create new gear for you to acquire. Fast travel will also be an option through the use of rail lines and friendly dragons.

Savior's charming 90s-pixel art and retro Metroidvania vibe will surely be welcome on consoles, but as of the moment, it’s only announced for Linux, Mac, and PC. No release date has been announced yet, but expect more updates to come in the following weeks.

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