Satisfactory: Update v0.6.0.2 Provides Fixes to Dedicated Servers

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Satisfactory is a fun game that lets you build your own set of factories. You can either do it alone or with other people via dedicated servers. That said, the dev team found that some bugs have caused dedicated servers to crash, which is why they launched a new patch that resolves these issues.

Update v0.6.0.2 brings plenty of bug fixes, some of which help address issues concerning dedicated servers. One, dedicated servers will no longer crash when it fails to bind to a port. Next, the crash that may occur when the server settings file is corrupted has been fixed. When this happens, the server will just use the default settings instead.

Aside from bug fixes, the latest patch for Satisfactory makes a noteworthy change. Now, map objects are no longer clickable when placing markers or stamps. Because of this, you can now place markers/stamps on top of other map objects, may it be other players, vehicles, etc.

The full patch notes for Update v0.6.0.2 can be found below:

  • Fixed two crashes related to Creature actions
  • Fixed flushing a pipe segment flushing the entire network instead
  • Fixed Mk.2 Pipes not having an indicator
  • Fixed production VFX not being properly started for the Nuclear Generator
  • Potentially fixed a crash for the Nuclear Generator particle effects
  • Fixed Spore Flowers not being destructible
  • Fixed interacting with a Player Crate locking player input
  • Fixed Player Crates not disappearing after being emptied
  • Hatcher should now show their status properly for Clients
  • Fixed Hatcher not disappearing and respawning near bases
  • Hatchers should now not respawn if the Player is closer than 20 meters to them
  • Hatcher loot is now dropped on the floor instead of on top of the Hatcher
  • Fixed some Bauxite nodes that were missing
  • Fixed a Uranium node that was missing
  • Fixed an issue where the Map Coordinates and placing Stamps/Markers wasn’t working properly when using UI scaling
  • Fixed truck station inventories not being visible
  • Fixed Pipe flow rate not being properly displayed
  • Fixed Resources not being shown to clients when opening the Map or Radar Tower
  • Fixed the highlighted map markers not being shown on the compass
  • Fixed Markers and Stamps not being highlighted on the compass

If you are interested in hosting a dedicated server, you can watch the video below to learn more:

Satisfactory Beta Update v0.6.0.2 is now available on PC.

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