Satisfactory: Update v0.5.1.10 Fixes Issue with Productive Packer Deluxe

Satisfactory Update 5
Satisfactory Update 5 Twitter/@SatisfactoryAF

Satisfactory is a first-person, open-world building game where you construct your own factories and make them as efficient as possible. You can venture on expeditions in search of new materials, which you can put to good use. While you can develop buildings yourself, this game is best played with your friends.

Recently, the developers have launched Update v0.5.1.10 which brings some much-needed bug fixes, including a fix for the Productive Packer Deluxe.

For those who do not know, the Productive Packer Deluxe is a mini-game quite similar to Tetris. This is located inside the Habitat and Utility Base or HUB.

That said, there was this issue where it would remain in the world even after you’ve dismantled the HUB and moved it elsewhere. This has been fixed in this update. Moreover, you can now play the mini-game at any time since it is now always available.


  • Fixed crash that would happen on startup if there was a vehicle path with zero targets
  • Hopefully fixed a bug where some buildings sometimes got a small height difference on some foundations
  • Fixed a crash related to Vehicle Automation for Clients
  • Fixed a bug in the Load Vehicle Path UI where the “Used by this vehicle” checkmark was missing for Clients
  • Fixed a crash when bringing up the Nobelisk Ammo Selection wheel without having any type of ammo on inventory
  • Fixed G key not being properly bindable for “Interact” due to a conflict with the “Cycle Nobelisk Ammunition” binding
  • Load or Save Path menu is now disabled when there are no paths
  • Fixed a bug that didn’t allow players to use the textbox in the Valve
  • Added math expressions to the textbox in the Valve
  • You can now input “,” instead of “.” to add decimal values
  • Fixed the Vehicle Craft Bench UI being a bit off-center
  • Train Menu can now be closed and opened with Q
  • Productive Packer Deluxe is now always available in the HUB
  • Made it so beams no longer require a valid floor
  • Improved stability of the packet router
  • Improved CPU usage of the packet router
  • Added a startup argument for disabling the packet router
  • -DisablePacketRouting

Even though this patch brings many bug fixes, there are still some issues that need to be ironed out. For instance, if you encounter some unexpected crashes on startup or weird behavior when playing the game, the devs urge you to verify the game’s files. Here’s how to do it on Steam:

Right-click game in your Library > Properties > Local Files > Verify integrity of game files

Satisfactory Update v0.5.1.10 is now available on PC.

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