Satisfactory Update 7 Lets You Change Creature Behavior, Patch Notes Here

Satisfactory Update 7
Satisfactory Update 7 Steam/Coffee Stain Studios

Satisfactory, the first-person factory-building game by Coffee Stain Studios, received a must-have patch yesterday. Update 7 brought new content, highly demanded features and more.

Players can now decide the behavior of creatures. Two new modes called Passive and Retaliating are introduced. In the former mode, creatures won’t attack the player in any case, whereas in the latter mode, creatures will only attack the player if they start the fight. The creature’s behavior can be changed via Advanced Gameplay Settings in the Escape Menu.

Sprinting functionality for Zipline has been added, and Awesome Shop now features the Conveyor Ceiling Attachment. The Build Effect has been reworked as well. You can read the highlights of the update below.

  • Added the Blueprint Designer to Tier 4
  • Added Blueprints tab to the Build Menu
  • Added Creature hostility modes that can be set in Advanced Game Settings in the Escape Menu
    • Regular: Creatures attack and investigate players based on vision and hearing
    • Retaliate: Creatures attack players after being attacked themselves
    • Passive: Creatures never attack players
  • Lizard Doggos can now be named in the interact menu after they’ve been tamed
  • Conveyor and Pipe poles now contextually switch between floor, wall and ceiling attachments based on where the player aims while building
  • Some improvements/fixes for foundation snapping
  • Ladder hologram now works with the “Build in One Click” setting
  • To-Do List should now handle alternate recipe names and multi-product recipes better
  • Added feedback when trying to save color picker presets with the same name as an already existing preset
  • The water requirement of Nuclear Power Plants has been reduced from 300 to 240
  • Alien DNA Capsules can now be sunk in the Awesome Sink, generating Coupons separately from other parts
  • Reduced the energy cost of Overclocking production buildings (including Extractors) to a lower exponent
  • Made overclocking of power generators match the operating rate with the clock speed
  • Reduced vertical foundation snapping grid size from 200 to 100
  • Updated the game credits
  • Implemented double click functionality for Save and Load Game
  • Build Mode now prioritizes showing missing costs while building
  • Added option to only show missing cost when in Build Mode
  • Added a new submenu called Multiplayer Settings to the Escape Menu and moved Manage Session/Manage Invites there
  • Added a cancel button to “Add new server” popup in the Server Manager
  • Added a search bar to the multiplayer list in the Join Game menu
  • Added support for hiding some HUD elements. Can be toggled on and off in the options menu
  • Added feedback when trying to save color picker presets with the same name as an already existing preset
  • We’ve optimized things, but they’re secrets
  • Updated all languages with the latest translations
  • Updated language completion rates
  • Updated community translators in the credits

As expected, Satisfactory Update 7 also addressed a lot of bugs and issues, which you can read on Steam.

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