Samurai Shodown Season Pass 3 Launching March 2021

The cute little devil is almost here.
The cute little devil is almost here. SNK

Samurai Shodown is all set to launch its Season Pass 3 in mid-March 2021. There are four characters to be introduced and guess who’s the first one? It’s none other than Cham Cham!

It’s sure going to give fans that nostalgic factor. After all, she first joined the game all the way back in Samurai Shodown 2 released in 1994. You can watch Cham Cham in the trailer below:

In a video, Samurai Showdown Director Hayato Konya shared that they decided to have Cham Cham as the first character since a lot of fans have been requesting it and they wanted to have those wishes come true. He said that he is excited for everyone to try out this “cute little devil.”

However, it’s not only Cham Cham that’s joining the fray. Players can expect to see Hibiki Takane as the second character in Season Pass 3. If you’re not familiar with her, don’t worry since she’s actually part of The Last Blade 2.

In the same video, Konya revealed the reason why they included Hibiki Takane. According to him, there’s been a lot of cross-over characters in the past, and this time, he “wanted to focus superficially on an SNK IP.” Of many characters in the portfolio, it is Hibiki Takane that appeared in other games. In addition to The Last Blade 2, she also appeared in Capcom vs SNK 2. She even has appearances in mobile games like Days of Memories and Kimi wa Hero.

Konya added that considering how cool and flashy her move list is, there is no doubt she would make a great addition to Samurai Shodown. Regarding how different the two games are, Konya said that the team is working hard to make sure that “her transition seamless.”

Finally, Samurai Showdown also announced that once Season Pass 3 is released, players will experience a new mechanic called Guard Crush. No additional detail was revealed about this particular mechanic. However, if it’s similar to Soul Calibur 5, then it's something interesting to see how it plays out in Samurai Shodown.

So, what do you think about Season Pass 3? Who are the two remaining characters?

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