Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date Confirmed? Phablet Line Likely To Continue

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 camera app
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 camera app Fionna Agomuoh

Consumers can expect Samsung to release a phablet later in 2017 with the name Galaxy Note, if reports from Business Korea are to be believed. The publication learned from an unnamed industry official that the manufacturer won’t give up on the Galaxy Note name, even in the wake of the Galaxy Note 7 discontinuation, due to the popularity of the brand and its place as an originator of the phablet category.

“The Galaxy Note 7 was very popular before user reports began circulating about devices that exploded or caught on fire while charging,” the official said. “As the phablet market, which was developed by Samsung Electronics, has been growing, the company will release the Note series this year again.”

The Galaxy Note 7 was off to a good start when it released in August 2016. The device was expected to sell approximately 12 million units before it was permanently discontinued in October 2016. However, numerous Galaxy Note 7 owners hesitated to surrender handsets, even amid well-publicized recalls. Last week, U.S. carriers sent out end-of life software update to handsets that remained in circulation, rendering the devices unable to charge. Similar updates have been deployed to Galaxy Note 7 handsets in other markets globally.

Samsung addressed the Galaxy Note 7 at its recent CES 2017 press conference, with the manufacturer’s U.S. President and COO, Tim Baxter, stating that Samsung will continue pushing innovation.

“Some of you were directly impacted and certainly many of you saw the media coverage surrounding the Galaxy Note 7,” he said. “We continue our intensive efforts internally and with third party experts to understand what happened and to make sure it does not happen again.”

Some murmurs suggested Samsung might rebrand the Galaxy Note line to separate future devices from the Galaxy Note 7. However, these claims have not been confirmed by Samsung. If the manufacturer continues with its phablet line, it will likely release the Galaxy Note 8.

Not much is known about the Galaxy Note 8 at this time, as it is early in the year and Samsung is currently focusing on the launch of its Galaxy S8 spring flagship. However, some preliminary rumors suggest Samsung may use a battery by LG Chem for the upcoming phablet. Consumers can likely expect the smartphone to include many features introduced on the Galaxy Note 7, such as an iris scanner, dual-edge display, IP68 water resistance and USB-C.

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