Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Phone Confirmed For 2017 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 blue and gold
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 blue and gold Fionna Agomuoh

The Galaxy Note smartphone line will continue with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, CNET reported Monday. The publication spoke with Samsung CEO, DJ Koh, who confirmed the manufacturer will release a Galaxy Note 8 device. "I will bring back a better, safer and very innovative Note 8," Koh told CNET.

In the wake of the Galaxy Note 7 recall, it was uncertain whether or not Samsung would continue to sell devices under the Galaxy Note name. Some rumors suggested Samsung might rebrand the device. However, other reports indicated Samsung would not scrap the Note line due to its popularity, which Koh confirmed.

'We found through the investigative process, we knew there are lots and lots of loyal Note customers," he said.

Many Galaxy Note 7 owners hesitated to return their devices during the recall, to the point where Samsung sent out a disabling update, which cut off features including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and battery charging. Now approximately 96 percent of the three million Galaxy Note 7 handsets sold have been returned. However, carriers such as Verizon have reported that some Galaxy Note 7 owners have figured out to block the update and continue to use their handsets.

Samsung has released the findings of its investigation into the Galaxy Note 7 defects and found various issues with the two batteries used in the device. Moving forward, devices like the Galaxy Note 8 will be subject to an eight-point inspection, which include durability tests, visual inspection, X-ray, charge and discharge tests, total volatile organic compound tests, disassembling tests, accelerated usage tests and delta open circuit tests.

With Samsung delaying the release of its Galaxy S8 smartphone until after Mobile World Congress, it is possible the Galaxy Note 8 could also see a later release date. Not much is known about the Galaxy Note 8 at this time; however, consumers can likely expect to see the device launch with several features, first introduced on the Galaxy Note 7 and the Galaxy S8.

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