Sakuna: Of Rice And Ruin Has Sold More Than 500,000 Copies So Far

An interesting milestone.
An interesting milestone. XSEED Games

It’s been more than two weeks since Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin was launched. In that time, the game became a critical success with more than 500,000 copies sold. This game is now considered a bestseller by XSEED Games.

In a post, XSEED Games Executive Vice President Kenji Hosoi said that the game would not only be special but also offer a broader appeal. He went on that this “game has been in development for many years, and we’re beyond excited at the reception it has received globally from critics and consumers alike.”

In Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, players take on the role of Sakuna. Despite being a harvest goddess, she was banished to a dangerous island populated by outcast humans. As she explores the new world, she needs to find a home and prove herself worthy of her title. Features of the game include:

  • Refined Side-scrolling Platform Action
    • Make use of farm tools as weapons and chain together attacks in order to bring down demonic beasts.
  • ​Detailed 3D Simulation-style Gameplay
    • Learn the ancient art of agriculture planting to harvesting and all the way to cultivating the perfect crop.
    • As a harvest goddess, each successful rice crop grows Sakuna’s strength.
  • Creating a Home in the Wilderness
    • Materials and ingredients that Sakuna gathers on her adventures can be turned into weapons, armor, and meals by her mortal companions.
    • Complete quests to unlock more options.
  • A Fresh Take on Japanese Mythology
    • Sakuna is part of a pantheon of gods and demons that’s inspired by traditional Japanese mythology.

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin can be purchased through:

  • Retail Editions
    • Available in standard Divine Edition of $39.99 and limited Divine Edition for $59.99.
    • The Divine Edition includes:
      • Retail edition of the game.
      • Custom box with exclusive art.
      • 8.2” x 5.8” artbook with over 130 pages of illustrations and concept art from the title.
      • Official soundtrack of 42 songs on 3 CDs.
      • 2” x 3” Japanese omamori charm to bring owners good luck in combat and farming.
  • Digital editions
    • The Nintendo Switch version is available in a standard edition for $39.99.
    • The digital deluxe edition for the PlayStation 4 is available for $49.99 and includes:
      • Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin game
      • 42-track digital soundtrack
      • 4 exclusive PS4 system themes
      • Set of 9 avatars
    • The digital deluxe edition for the PC is available for $54.99 and includes:
      • Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin game
      • Digital version of the artbook
      • 42-track digital soundtrack
      • Post navigation

What are you waiting for? Get your copy now.

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