Rust Update 1.30 New Monuments and Heavy Scientists

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Rust is a multiplayer game where players have one goal: survive. The developers just released the Offshore Blowout Update that adds several new features to the game.

Oil Rigs

The developers added two of the most requested monuments into the game - the Small Oil Rig and the Large Oil Rig. These rigs depend on the servers you play in, as some servers will only have one of them and others have both.

The Small Oil Rig is a monument that brings new opportunities such as puzzles, loot, and combat scenarios for players to get immersed in. It's best to conquer them as a team. More players, the better. The Large Oil Rig offers similar opportunities but they are bigger and better than its smaller kin.

Heavy Scientists

The developers also added a new NPC called the Heavy Scientist. This NPC is more challenging than your regular Scientist and you can encounter them in the new Oil Rigs from this update. Get a team if you want to take this one down quickly.

Rust Offshore Blowout Update 1.30

  • CH47 Event
    • This event can be triggered by hacking the locked crate found on the top level of Oil Rigs, and it will introduce you to a new enemy, the Heavy Scientist.
  • Multiple Grenade Launcher
    • This powerful weapon can be looted from Heavy Scientists, and uses 40mm Smoke Grenades, 40mm HE Grenades, or 40mm Shotgun Rounds.
  • Buoyant Backpacks
    • Loot from players and NPCs killed in water will float on the water’s surface instead of sinking to the bottom of the sea.
  • New items added to Skin Store
    • We will have some new skin packs to celebrate the release of OFFSHORE BLOWOUT.
  • Increased building blocked zone around the Harbour monument
  • Updated localization files
  • Fixed texture issues on Roadsign Gloves
  • Fixed a bug that could cause players to be kicked when dropping Roadsign Gloves
  • Fixed some skinned items losing their skin when dropped from inventory
  • Fixed missing shadows on road signs
  • Fixed missing collision on a fridge door at the Lighthouse monument
  • Fixed an area where players could get stuck between ice sheets
  • Fixed some skin icons and previews not appearing correctly
  • Fixed barrels clipping through sewer walls in the Airfield monument
  • Fixed binoculars making your eyes go square for a moment

You can read more about the update here.

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