Enjoy Additional XP as RuneScape Launches Skilling Week

An offer of goodwill.
An offer of goodwill. Jagex

In MMORPGs, a lot is about using skills in battling monsters and winning fights. But RuneScape is launching a new event taking a different direction. Players can expect to have an even more Awesome April with the launch of Skilling Week. This is but the second of weekly events happening this month.

Skilling Week runs from April 12 to April 19, and during this period, regular accounts get 50% increased XP in all gathering skills:

  • Divination
  • Farming
  • Fishing
  • Mining
  • Hunting
  • Woodcutting
  • Archaeology
    • For screening and excavating only.
    • Players get a nice 50% bonus to precision while working on Archaeology.

Longtime players are likely to notice that Skilling Week feels similar to the Celebration of Skilling from the Grand Party event. In a way it is, and the only difference is that players won’t be seeing Aubury at the Lumbridge Crater.

After Skilling Week, the next events are:

  • Combat Week
    • Start Date: April 19
    • Details:
      • Double Reaper, Slayer Points, Combat XP, Reduced Death Costs
  • D&D&Ds Week
    • Start Date: April 26
    • Details:
      • Distraction Diversions and Dailies, reset tokens, VisWax, POP, PF

Making Things Right

Some of you are probably wondering why there’s such a thing as Awesome April in the first place. This is actually a “reward” for all players affected by the Login Lockout issue.

Back in early March 2021, it was revealed that players were having issues logging in to the game. It was only yesterday when the RuneScape team announced that about 99% of players affected by the issue have managed to return to the game.

Actually, even before this good news, the team had already offered a sort of goodwill to those affected. Both Premier Club Members and free-to-play players get Double Daily Keys free for a month along with the Goodwill Bundle, which offers:

  • Exclusive Cosmetic Gifts
    • Title: "The Returned" ("The Returned Ironman" for Ironmen)
    • Cloak of Returning
    • Disc of Returning Weapon Override
    • Disc of Returning Inventory Object
    • "Returned from the Abyss" Teleport Animation
  • Returners Gift Pack
    • 10 Restoration Pods (custom made versions of "Knowledge Bombs," worth one hour of Double XP each)
    • 10 Advanced Pulse Cores
    • 10 Cinder Cores
    • 10 Large Protean Packs
    • 10 Medium Prismatic Lamps
    • 10 Yak Track Task Skips
    • 10 Portable Skillstation Packs
    • 10 D&D Monthly Reset Tokens (members only)

What are your thoughts? Is the "goodwell" good enough?

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