Rune Factory 3 Special to Offer Golden Memories Edition

Add this to your collection.
Add this to your collection. XSEED Games

A Golden Memories Edition is going to be available for Rune Factory 3 Special priced at $79.99. Pre-orders for this special edition are now available.

The Golden Memories Edition comes with:

  • Custom outer box featuring an original illustration based on the game’s anime opening.
  • Rune Factory 3 Special Nintendo Switch game card and case.
  • An acrylic standee measuring 6-inches wide and 4-inches tall and features protagonists from:
    • Rune Factory 3 Special.
    • Rune Factory 4 Special.
    • Rune Factory 5.
  • An original soundtrack CD.
  • A custom 5-inches by 8-inches planner containing in-game seasons in addition to a real world calendar.
  • Exclusive Swimsuit Mode DLC allowing characters to appear in their swimsuits year-round.

XSEED Games revealed that all physical pre-orders made through the XSEED Games Store also include the choice to bundle the game with an adorable Golden Wooly keychain modeled after Micah’s sheep form. This adds an extra $5 while supplies last.

Meanwhile, the base game will be offered through the standard physical edition at $39.99. Details on digital editions and pricing are to be announced at a later date.

Rune Factory 3 Special is launching on Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam on September 5.

In Rune Factory 3 Special, players take on the role of Micah, a young man with the power to become a golden sheep-like monster called a wooly. He gets rescued by a young woman after falling headfirst into the town of Sharance. Micah awakens but has no memories of his past, and he also finds himself entangled in the longstanding conflict between humans and monsters. Micah now needs to work and build bridges between races to bring back peace. Along the way, he gets to uncover a shocking secret of his own.

Key features of the game include:

  • Restore the Balance Between Two Worlds
    • Step into the shoes of Micah as he looks for a way for humans and monsters to coexist.
    • He’s a young man with amnesia and the mysterious ability to transform into a wooly.
  • Time-tested RPG Action and Adventure Await
    • Master swords, spears, hammers, and even magic to take on powerful monsters.
    • Recruit townsfolk and monsters alike to explore treacherous dungeons.
  • Sow the Seeds of Your New Life
    • Take a break from adventuring and do activities like farming, fishing, and more.
    • Discover different varieties of Magic Seeds.
    • These grow into strange crops that can help Micah in his adventure in exciting ways.
  • Find a Beauty for the Beast
    • Meet 11 lovely bachelorettes, the most in the history of the series.
    • Learn more about them through daily interactions, fall in love, then pop the question, and get married.
    • Before Micah knows it, he’ll have a wonderful family to join his adventures.

What are you waiting for? Pre-order the Golden Memories Edition now.

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