Rune 2 Is Officially Out For The PC

Now on the PC.
Now on the PC. Human Head Studios

The action-adventure video game Rune II is now officially out for the PC. The release is likely to bring a bit of nostalgia for fans since the first game, Rune, was originally launched almost two decades ago. Rune II has players take on a savage Norse adventure in a world where gods have lost control and undead evils have infested the land.

In Rune II, players can go solo or team up with friends and battle gruesome undead Draugr, vicious beasts, and even ferocious giants, all in brutal melee combat. Explore, craft and fight through a post-apocalyptic world that has been filled with legions of Loki’s minions, precious artifacts to collect, and mighty weapons to forge.

Journey across vast lands, build Viking longboats and then sail through dangerous waters. Make sure to complete quests in order to please your chosen god in exchange for power while working to end Loki’s apocalyptic madness. End Ragnarok once and for all and get invited into the revered halls of Valhalla.

Features of Rune II include:

  • Choose Your God
    • Kneeling atop the Divine Summit, the gods call to you. With promises of power, glory, and honor, each deity beckons you to join them. Which god will you choose to give you the power needed to take down Loki and put an end to Ragnarok? The biggest question is can the gods themselves be trusted?
  • Loki and the Ages of Darkness
    • It is fated that Loki is going to die when Ragnarok ends, but it seems he has found a way to manipulate the flow of time and continuously resets the Ragnarok Timer. This has resulted in an infinite cycle of chaos. With every reset a new era begins, each filled with different obstacles. It's likely you’ll need to go through many ages before getting the power needed to defeat Loki.
  • Single-Player and Multi-Player Modes
    • Brave the end of days alone or invite fellow warriors to join your journey through Ragnarok. Battle side-by-side against massive giants and vicious monsters and stand as one force to face Loki himself.
  • Artifacts
    • Powerful artifacts can be found throughout the world, each with their own god-given power. They are the key to opening the Realm Gate where Loki hides, and can grant the power necessary to end him once and for all.
  • Collect and Craft Powerful Equipment
    • Craft powerful armaments to survive the treachery of Ragnarok or take Flaming Greatswords and other magically-imbued weapons from the bodies of your slain enemies. Rebuild villages that once stood across Midgard or construct great longships and conquer far off lands.
  • Brutal Chaos
    • Ragnarok has driven its inhabitants mad. Only the most savage warrior will survive as you battle against bandits, cannibals, giants, dwarves, surt warriors, the forsaken Einn Warriors, draugr and more.

Human Head Studios co-founder and Rune II project lead Chris Rhinehart revealed that Rune's dedicated fanbase is the reason the game is alive. He added that the developers thank "those who have stuck with us during this journey of more than 20 years” and went on to say that they "set out to build upon the Rune franchise as an homage to the original while adding new elements like modern combat mechanics and Unreal 4’s visual capabilities that we hope will exceed the expectations of today’s gamers."

Rune II is available at the Epic Games Store for $29.99.

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