Rumors Suggest Bloodborne PC Port In Development, Official Announcement Soon

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PC players might get one more treat from Sony. After the release of Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC, however rocky, there is a good chance that we might also get a PC port of Bloodborne. Rumors regarding a PC port of Bloodborne have been here for a while now. PC Gaming Inquisition claimed in June that the PC version of the game is in development. Now, the same YouTube channel is back with yet another claim.

The channel claimed that last month, the PC port of Bloodborne went through a big playtest, and the playtest addressed the issues that were first seen during the previous QA sessions. All major bugs have been fixed and online play is also working. The port is almost finished. However, the leaks also claimed that Bloodborne will be locked at 60FPS on PC, as the game suffered from many issues at higher framerates.

The leaks suggested that Sony wants a Bloodborne remaster to be in the PlayStation 5 launch line-up. We should get an official announcement soon as the port is almost finished. Do keep in mind these are just rumors and all of this could be false.

PC Gaming Inquisition might not be the most credible source, however, some of its claims in the past have come true. “This info about Bloodborne remaster is what I've been told by other people that in the past provided me with info about other unannounced games that were officially confirmed later, so I highly doubt that this time I've been lied to,” the YouTube channel claimed. “And considering that the same sources told me a few weeks ago to not expect to see Elden Ring on a recent Xbox event and this is ended up being confirmed as well, I'm still going to believe them regarding BB PC stuff.”

So what do you think? Are you interested in a PC port of Bloodborne? Is there any other PlayStation-exclusive game that you want on the PC? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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