Rumor: Zombie Army 4 Possibly Getting Revealed At E3 2019

That's two Sniper Elite titles for E3 2019.
Zombie Army 4 may have just been leaked by Amazon ahead of E3 2019.
Zombie Army 4 may have just been leaked by Amazon ahead of E3 2019. Rebellion Developments

Last week, Rebellion confirmed their lineup of titles that will make it to E3 2019. The developer is bringing another Sniper Elite title, this one for a whole new crowd: Sniper Elite VR. This title was announced earlier this year, being developed with well-known VR studio Just Add Water, and is set for launch across a myriad of VR devices.

Then there’s a surprise announcement, with Evil Genius 2 making the cut. First announced back in June 2017, this RTS/managerial sim title is a sequel to the one released back in 2004, 15 years ago. Rebellion is expected to finally debut a trailer for the game during their appearance at the PC Gaming Show.

Finally, we get to the unannounced one. As far as IPs go, I was hoping for it to be a new one, seeing as Rebellion has been making almost nothing but Sniper Elite since 2012, with notable exceptions being a few mobile games here and there, like NeverDead and Strange Brigade. There was a lot of speculation beforehand that this would be the year where we finally get to see a new Judge Dredd title, which drummed up some excitement. However, if this next leak is to be accounted for, we should prepare ourselves for another Sniper Elite title.

At least it’s a spinoff. The leak comes from Metacouncil, where a user managed to take screenshots of an upcoming Rebellion title that showed up on Amazon Spain. The title is a fourth entry in the Sniper Elite spinoff series, Zombie Army, and is called Zombie Army 4: Dead War. Check out a screenshot below, or see the page for yourself – albeit untranslated – over here.

The user was also kind enough to translate the game’s description, which puts the game’s setting in Europe in 1946, following Hitler’s implementation of ‘Plan Z,’ which raised him a zombie army. The game will also take inspiration from Left 4 Dead, bringing back a co-op mode in addition to the single player campaign. This being a Sniper Elite title, the description also mentions the return of the X-ray camera, which allows you to track some of your best shots as they hit their targets.

As much as I’m disappointed that it’s not an entirely new IP, I still have pretty high hopes for this one, as the previous Zombie Army games were the very definition of ‘mindless fun.’ If you’re still on the fence that this is the unannounced title, just check the photo accompanying the tweet from Rebellion, and you’ll probably make the connection for the title being Zombie Army 4 as well.

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