Rumor: Warner Bros. Interactive To Show Off Three New Titles At E3, Including Possible Arkham Spinoff

What's next for the studio best known for the Batman Arkham series?
Placeholders for several WB Games show up on Amazon, which are speculated to be their titles for E3 2019.
Placeholders for several WB Games show up on Amazon, which are speculated to be their titles for E3 2019. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

It’s time for another set of rumors/leaks which leads into speculation, as we are now approaching the weekend before E3 – the calm before the storm, as it were.

This time, it’s relating to Warner Bros. Interactive, who has surprisingly been quiet so far as to possible titles for their E3 presentation. In fact, off the top of my head, I can only think of one property which may make it to their stage, and that is the recently released Mortal Kombat 11, from developer NetherRealm. One of their biggest studios, Rocksteady, has stated in advance that it will not be at E3 this year, as the developers are currently working their next big project. Check out the tweet from co-founder Sefton Hill below.

However, that doesn’t mean that Warner Bros. Interactive won’t come to Los Angeles empty-handed. In fact, if the most recent leaks are to be believed, we may be treated to three titles to be announced at their E3 stage, all of which are multi-platform games. The leak comes from ResetEra, where a user has noted nine video game placeholders on Amazon for Warner Bros. Interactive, all showing a release date of 2019. Check out a screenshot below, or all of them within this link.

The user noted that all the nine placeholders are for three games, with each game receiving three placeholders each: one for Xbox One, one for PlayStation 4 and one for the Switch.

As for possible titles, the leaker also has that covered. In terms of viability, the one that’s most resounding seems to be the new LEGO Star Wars title from TT Games, which was recently leaked back in April. All the rumors point to it being announced at E3 2019.

As for the other two, we could finally get to see the rumored Batman Arkham spinoff from WB Montreal, who is developing the title as Rocksteady is knee-deep with their own big project. The game is said to be a co-op title and will heavily feature the Court of Owls, a recent focus from the Batman comics created by writer Scott Snyder.

The last one could be the Harry Potter RPG title being developed by Avalanche Software. This is the most unlikely, however, as the game started development back in 2017, and the early leaks last year, while very impressive, showed the game in a very unfinished state.

All of that said, take everything here with a grain of salt, as is the case for most of the rumors and supposed leaks. Be sure to check in with us for more coverage for this as it develops.

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