Rumor: Here's What The Nintendo Switch Mini Will Reportedly Look Like

Featuring a unibody and reportedly smaller dimensions.
The Nintendo Switch Mini's appearance may have been leaked by an accessory seller.
The Nintendo Switch Mini's appearance may have been leaked by an accessory seller. HonSon

As more and more reports surface of the new Nintendo Switch models now entering production, we are also starting to get unconfirmed reports for one model which saw a lot of changes to the console. Dubbed by the internet as the ‘Switch Mini,’ this iteration of the Nintendo Switch will make some hardware changes to the handheld console to provide better pricing at the cost of some functionality.

Now, if rumors – and some high-quality renders – are to be believed, it seems that this new Switch Mini’s appearances has been leaked online. The rumor comes from an innocuous mistake, too, as it appears to be the doing of a gaming accessory maker.

The Chinese company HonSon has listed on its site a number of reported accessories specifically designed for the upcoming Switch Mini. Several of the images are known mock-ups, that is to say, placeholders, for the upcoming real thing. It’s also worth noting that the accessories for these mock-ups are carry cases, which can be adjusted for sizes pretty easily, as this new Switch Mini is looking to be cut from the same shape as the original Switch.

What most people focused on, however, was a listing for a clear hard case (pictured at the top), which is more detailed due to the accessory actually hugging the console unit’s body. Unlike the original Switch, the Switch Mini has a unibody, as the Joy-Cons are no longer detachable and are part of the overall console. Honestly, the look kind of reminds me of a streamlined Wii U gamepad, but is better suited for your hands. The locations for the joysticks and buttons remain the same, and the groove underneath the shoulder buttons for the Joy-Cons are also kept.

It’s also far closer than the other mock-ups were. According to Nintendo Life, who contacted HonSon, the design is based off of secret information, with the company just waiting for Nintendo to give the go ahead before it enters production. That’s not to say there won’t be adjustments though, but whatever that is will most likely be minimal, and as such we could be looking at Nintendo’s actual new Switch model.

In any case, expect more coverage from us as soon as it develops.

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