Rumbleverse: Mid-season Update Adds Balancing Changes to Superstar Mode

Mid-Season Update
Mid-Season Update Twitter/@Rumbleverse

The much-awaited Mid-Season update for Rumbleverse is now available on all platforms. Aside from introducing new special moves and weapons, this patch also brought balancing changes, especially to Superstar Mode and the Meditative Perk.

Superstar Mode in Rumbleverse puts players in a special state when activated. Players will get special bonuses, such as improved health and stamina regeneration, and a speed and power boost to boot. During this time, players can perform a Super Move that deals massive damage when it connects. When the move is performed successfully, the Superstar Mode ends and players will have to fill the meter back up again.

That said, Superstar Mode has been adjusted in the latest patch. Attempting a Super Move now costs 25 Star Power off the mode’s timer. This means that failing to connect the move several times will result in a very early end of the Superstar Mode. The change was made due to community concerns about how quickly a player can fill their Superstar Meter after landing a successful Super Move.

Another thing adjusted in the Mid-Season update is the Meditative Perk. The developers found that some players use Meditative so much that matches take too long to finish. To address the issue, the Final Ring will now shrink a few seconds faster when no one is fighting. While Meditative still provides powerful healing, its effectiveness is mitigated due to the faster Final Ring shrinking time.

Here are some of the other balancing changes in this patch:

  • Vicious Attacks
    • Basic Vicious Suplex startup is now faster. This is a basic move and should be the fastest Vicious move in the game. Now, it is.
    • Chokeslam Family startup is now faster. This move is focused on Stamina Damage and moves of that type tend to have faster startup.
    • Crusher Family startup is now slower. This is a damage focused family, so it should not start up as quickly as it did.
    • Tackle Family startup is now slower. This is a very high damage, long range move, so we added a little startup to give it similar timing to the Super Move.
  • Tackles
    • Added additional recovery time to a whiffed Tackle, Spear Tackle, or Javelin Tackle.
    • Adjusted the vertical velocity at which the attacker bounces after a Tackle to prevent some instances of the attacker getting stuck behind the victim when using Tackle near corners. We will continue to investigate additional fixes for this situation.

So, what can you say about the changes made to Superstar Mode and Meditative Perk?

Rumbleverse Mid-Season Update is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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