Ruiner Cyberpunk Shooter Drops Badass Boss Fight Trailer

Ruiner, the isometric cyberpunk shooter from Devolver Digital.
Ruiner, the isometric cyberpunk shooter from Devolver Digital. (c) Devolver Digital

In a stylish new trailer for upcoming cyberpunk shooter Ruiner , we get to see the four big bosses our masked hero will face.

Heavy Cyborg has powerful laser claws that make him a huge danger at short range, while

Cpt Bogdan fires extremely heavy weapons your way. Shadow, a tall figure with a trenchoat and gas mask, takes precise aim, while Mother Engine is a terrifying robotic contraption that fills your world with fire.

A previous trailer, the Ugly Heart trailer, shows off more of Ruiner ’s neon cyberpunk world, full of “gangs, psychos, killers all here for you.” The trailer features some of Ruiner ’s many epic weapons, from katanas and pulse railguns to high-voltage cannons and a good old-fashioned pipe, all set to some epic wub-wub while a gently accented voice guides you through. Check it out below:

Ever since we got milkshake ducked by The Last Night, I’ve been looking forward to Ruiner ’s brutal and beautiful take on cyberpunk action. In our Pax East hands-on , we called it “astonishingly fluid, fast and fun,” with an unforgiving pace and intensely focused gameplay mechanics. “One gun, one pipe, one cyborg, one mission” makes Ruiner feel as driven as its mysterious protagonist, and the city of Rengok is classic cyberpunk: “the seamy underbelly of a slick city, neon lights and dregs of society mixed in with greasy food shops and clubgoers dead to anything but the next best party.”

At Pax South, we were impressed by the isometric shooter’s unique dodge mechanic and anime-inspired visual aesthetic “that manages to be equal parts grim and gorgeous.” According to the studio, the game should take about six hours based on personal skill, but the team hopes players will enjoy tweaking their loadouts, skills and weapons to take on the story in several different ways.

PS: The game’s music, done by UK artist Sidewalks and Skeletons, is damn good too.

Ruiner comes out Sept. 26 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Will you be playing? What part of the game are you most excited by: aesthetics, combat, or both? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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