Ruinarch Update 15: Steam Achievements

Ruinarch Update 15
Ruinarch Update 15 Steam

Ruinarch recently received an update mainly focused on achievements and traps. However, the developer has also added several minor tweaks and bug fixes.


The latest update has now linked Steam achievements to Side Goals. In total, there are 18 achievements available in the game for players to complete.


The three traps can be used to earn Chaos Orbs and previously, players only received two orbs from the initial trigger. This has been increased to five orbs to speed up the game, but the developer opted for a Chaos Orb cap to limit the production of Chaos Orbs to 25, preventing exploitation.

Ruinarch Update 15

  • Whenever a Chaos Orb is spawned offscreen, a purple arrow icon will show up at the edge of the screen pointing to it. Clicking on it will center on the Chaos Orb. These arrows only last for 3 seconds.
  • Special Cultist player instructions like Booby Trap and Poison now have increased priority over many other actions. This means they will prioritize this job over actions like eating, sleeping and entertainment.
  • Added a World Gen Setting to adjust Corrupted Tile charges. Options include Normal, Double and Unlimited. This also affects the number of Demonic Walls and Decorations available.
  • Stalkers will no longer hunt Cultists, Lycans and Vampires that are already imprisoned by a faction if they are restrained inside that faction's Village.
  • A Villager that has been wrongfully punished for a fabricated crime may gain a Grudge towards either the punisher or the one that reported the crime.
Bug Fixes
  • [FIXED] Game crash related to Spanish accented letters.
  • [FIXED] Villagers cannot build blueprints when game is in Japanese.
  • [FIXED] Migration may still sometimes occur even though it was already turned off in World Gen Settings.
  • [FIXED] Players can spawn unlimited Skeletons from Tombstones using Raise Dead.
  • [FIXED] Duplicate entries of Cowardice power on Ravager's upgrade path.
  • [FIXED] Villagers still report crime to ex faction leader.
  • [FIXED] A Villager may be accused of trespassing when moving through a landmark owned by another Faction.
  • [FIXED] A friendly villager will not help if a Villager becomes Unconscious while they are within vision.
  • [FIXED] Prism UI is not centered on Ultra Wide Screen.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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