Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 14 Gives Sneak Peek At Upcoming Expansion 

A big change is coming.
A big change is coming. Koei

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14 revealed that its upcoming expansion pack is all set to be released in early 2021. Dubbed as the Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack, this DLC brings new possibilities to the game while also introducing new cities.

The expansion pack is going to be released for the PC through Steam and the PlayStation 4. In addition, the release of this expansion pack also marks the official debut of the series for the Nintendo Switch.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14 was first released in January of this year with a North American release by February. It is part of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series, which started all the way back in 1985. If you do the math, which we did, that’s 35 years of strategy gaming.

So what does this new expansion pack have to offer? For one, it introduces trade with the great Eurasian empires like Rome and India. This should give players a wider range of strategies to carry out with the goal of unifying China. The expansion pack is also introducing cities of foreign forces to the map. What this means is that in addition to dealing with conflicts in the central area, players now need to deal with intensified skirmishes on the border with each fight having higher stakes.

Another interesting change that comes along with this new expansion is that each province is going to offer new geographical advantages. With this, players need to come up with new strategies that depend on the areas they have already conquered. Players that manage to conquer the Yo Province, for example, would be able to start trades with the region’s nomadic tribes. Meanwhile, getting control of the Qing Province means players can expand the area that they conquer. This change puts emphasis on the order of provinces conquered.

The Diplomacy and Strategy Expansion Pack is also adds new officer characteristics along with special tactics. There are also going to be new buildings that can be placed on specific topography. There’s even a calendar that’s going to let players review what has been happening in the game so far.

Finally, the Diplomacy and Strategy pack is also going to introduce a campaign known as War Chronicles Mode. What this does is it lets players enjoy many of the famous events in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series. Players get the chance to test their skills with different short scenarios that feature limited forces.

So what are your thoughts on this? Excited for the new expansion pack? Let us know in the comments section below.

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