Roguelike Hero: Announcement Trailer Shows Off Stephen Chow-Inspired World

Boasting an incredibly unique concept and amazing art design to boot.
The comedy action side-scroller Roguelike Hero gets its announcement trailer.
The comedy action side-scroller Roguelike Hero gets its announcement trailer. X.D. Network

Publisher X.D. Network and developer Carrya.Tec have just announced their upcoming project: a comedy action game entitled Roguelike Hero. It is currently planned for release on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

Roguelike Hero is a comedy action game, heavily inspired by iconic action and comedy actor Stephen Chow’s trolling comedy style. You play as the “Hero,” an aspiring actor who’s down on his luck and mostly resorting to small parts and walk-on roles. The hero is also labeled as a “shameless” one, who does not hesitate to get down and dirty and fight with little dignity by throwing one or two sucker punches.

The game revolves around shooting different scenes, wherein each action movie set is a game stage. For each stage, you have to fight and overcome various enemies by employing absurd and silly methods. Getting through one stage means that you are one step closer to completing the filming. It is also littered with both classic and silly action game mechanics, a huge pool of enemy variants, almost infinite potentials for combos, a variety of bosses to guarantee a challenge, and a huge pool of items and gear to make each playthrough unique. Roguelike Hero guarantees hilarity and action through a unique comedy plot (still to be unveiled) that will see the development and growth of the clownish and hilarious protagonist to a just and brave hero. Plus, add in all of the absurd mechanics, animations and features guaranteed to get a laugh out of anyone.

The concept looks really cool, and based on the trailer the game will be embracing this unique and very lighthearted tone filled with humor. The level design looks fantastic as well, and feels very inspired – the concept overall is virtually unheard of, and if the developers can back the promotional materials up with the game’s release, then we might be looking at a sleeper hit in the future.

Roguelike Hero will be available for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. It will come with English, Japanese, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese subtitles. No release date has been announced for the comedy action game as of this writing.

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