Rogue Tower: Patch 1.0.12 Overhauls Mana Generation

Rogue Tower Patch 1.0.12
Rogue Tower Patch 1.0.12 Steam

Patch 1.0.12 for Rogue Tower is now available. The developers have overhauled mana generation in this update to improve synergy with already existing mana systems. They’ve also removed some cards which they feel are worthless.

A few improvements to the Mana bank have been applied in Patch 1.0.12. For instance, there are now some upgrade cards that you can use to increase the maximum mana bonus each bank provides. The Mana bank UI gives an estimation of how much mana it is generating as well. This is calculated based on its base mana generation and max mana bonus.

The developers have made some balancing changes on certain towers too. The Ballista’s Mana Bolts I, II, and III now give additional four base damage each. Moreover, Mana Bolts IV and V have been completely removed from the game. Obelisks are now better in terms of range and managing mana, thanks to the new upgrades.


  • Added bonus gold from banditry and gold rush to the damage tracker
  • Can now press “T” to access the damage tracker mid-game
  • Tower modifiers now only show while the damage tracker is open to reduce screen clutter
  • Tower Priorities now scale in importance based on their order (top priority x3, second priority x2, and last priority x1)
  • Improved UI scaling to be more consistent feeling
  • Added the 1, 2, and 3 keys as hotkeys for tower and university upgrades
  • Sorcery and Life Steal cards now give mana as a percent of your maximum mana instead of a flat number
  • Life Steal I is now unlocked by the Sorcery I card
  • Mana bank base regen lowered to 1 per second
  • Each mana block in the mana UI now represents 20 mana until you reach a maximum of 500 mana where each block then represents 100
  • Increased all +10% tower crit cards to +15%
  • Gold Rush now grants +3g per kill but grants +.25 speed
  • Removed Gold Rush II & III
  • The marked priority now considers how strong each mark is in its calculation
  • Hovering portals’ speed reduced by 0.1
  • Fixed a bug where Fire and Flames I was never drawn
  • Fixed a bug where crit ranges were not properly clamping their ranges
  • Added extra check to prevent bugs where enemies would take damage while already dead
  • Changed frost keeps’ snowflakes to be circles to reduce flickering when the camera is zoomed out

Rogue Tower Patch 1.0.12 is available on PC.

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