Rogue Tower: Patch 1.0.5 Improves Tesla and Flame Thrower; Adds Quality of Life Changes

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Rogue Tower is a tower defense game with rogue-lite elements. What makes this game unique is that height matters when dispatching enemies quickly. That’s because your towers gain a damage bonus based on their elevation. You can also buff them up using cards, which can give them better damage, longer range, or new abilities.

The game received Patch 1.0.5 not too long ago, improving some towers including the Tesla Tower and the Flame Thrower. It adds some quality of life changes as well.

Tower Adjustments

The Tesla Tower is quite effective against enemies with huge amounts of Shield, though it is mediocre against the rest. This is likely the reason why the developers are cranking up its base damage to 10, its Health damage to six, and Armor damage to three. However, it did receive some slight nerfs. For instance, its RPM has decreased to 30, and mana consumption has increased to 50% of its base damage.

Meanwhile, the Flame Thrower is already a good all-rounder but it still received some buffs. Its base damage is increased to five, Health damage to six, and Armor damage to nine. Just like the Tesla Tower, the Flame Thrower has its RPM reduced as well.


  • Added right-click drag movement
  • Added UI scale slider to the main game scene
  • XP is now saved at every level to prevent total XP loss on a crash
  • Damage tracker now adds healing prevented by DOTs to the DOT damage totals
  • Camera movement is no longer restricted on defeat
  • Added some VFX to path expansions
  • Minor tower UI improvements
  • Added Mana Bolts III, IV, and V
Poison Sprayer
  • Base Damage increased from 4 to 5
  • Health damage increased from 3 to 6
  • Armor damage increased from 1 to 3
  • Shield damage decreased from 6 to 9
  • RPM decreased from 90 to 60
  • Upgrades cost increased from x2 to x3
  • Bi-plane’s accuracy increased slightly
  • Upgrades cost increased from x3 to x4
  • Prestige gained from spare XP halved (prestige is still just bragging points without function)
  • Removed second and third Quality of Quantity
  • All +1 X damage type upgrades now scale up with each level of the upgrade (+1, +2, +3)
  • Reduced the mana cost of Mana Bolts I from 15% base damage to 10% base damage
  • Fixed master volume slider not updating SFX volume
  • Fixed research chance on universities not counting the first 1% discovery chance
  • Damage tracker no longer tracks overflow damage
  • Fixed bug where you could multi-click play and return to main menu buttons
  • Fixed hitbox on the main tower to no longer allow for towers to be placed within its area
  • Fixed several spelling errors including the miss spellings of “Cranial Carnivore and Observer"
  • Fixed clickthrough on demolish buttons
  • Fixed a bug where armor and shield upgrades costs were sometimes miscalculated

Rogue Tower Patch 1.0.5 is available on PC.

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