Rockstar Rumored To Announce GTA 6, Bully 2 Soon

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Is Rockstar going to announce GTA VI, or is it Bully 2?
Is Rockstar going to announce GTA VI, or is it Bully 2? Rockstar

Rumor has it that Rockstar Games may be announcing a brand new game very soon. And if this is to happen, it is likely to be either Bully 2 or the much awaited Grand Theft Auto VI.

In a report from Edinburgh Live, Rockstar North has decided to remove the banner for Red Dead Redemption 2 from its front office. Of course, fans might be saying, “So, what?” Actually, this is where things can get pretty interesting.

If you are not aware, the very last time Rockstar North removed its banner (at that time, it was a GTA V banner), it was meant to make a way for another banner – Red Dead Redemption 2, that is. Surely afterward, an announcement was made. While you don’t have to take everything at face value, it is highly possible that the studio’s removal of said banner is all about getting ready to place a new one for a new title.

Of course, it is expected that fans should take this narrative with a massive amount of salt. However, you cannot just deny the fact that there is something to it. With that said, the most interesting question – and one that definitely needs an answer from Rockstar Games – is this: “What could the video game company be prepping this time?”

Is the studio gearing up toward a new Grant Theft Auto game announcement? It is not necessarily plausible, but you can’t just ignore the possibility. Besides, if the studio really wants to introduce a new title, it is already likely to have been in development on the side.

Basically, the game must be a smaller project, one that has already been in development alongside Red Dead Redemption 2. And if this is truly the case, Rockstar might have used a lot of its resources and manpower.

It is really hard to tell, at least for now, if a GTA 6 announcement is coming. A game by the name of Bully 2, which has been making headlines since time immemorial, is actually more plausible. There is even a recent rumor claiming that the game is bound for release next year as a Xbox One, Xbox Scarlett, PS4, and PS5 title.

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