Rocket League's Cross Progression System Explained

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Rocket League already features cross-play, allowing players on different platforms to compete against each other. Currently, however, the game doesn't allow players with multiple accounts on different platforms to synchronize progress and inventories. So, if you own Rocket League accounts on PC and consoles, you'll have to progress through them separately. Well, that's about to change.

Rocket League is getting a new cross-progression system, which will be added with the game's free-to-play release on Epic Games Store. Rocket League is said to go free-to-play sometime this summer, but no concrete release date has been revealed yet. When Rocket League goes free-to-play, you will no longer be able to buy the game on Steam. However, people who have the game on Steam already can continue to play their Steam copy and will receive all cross-platform features and future updates.

Now, to get cross-platform working, you'll need to have an Epic Games account, but you don't necessarily need to download the game from the Epic Games Store. You'll then need to link your various Rocket League platforms to your Epic account and continue playing the game with any of the linked accounts. All progression from then on will reflect across all your platforms.

There are a few exceptions that won't be carried over to other accounts, including Premium DLC, Esports tokens, Credits, and some other things yet to be mentioned. Player-to-player trading is also going to be restricted, so players can only trade items on specific platforms. These are just some minor restrictions that won't entirely harm the cross-progression system.

Steam owners of Rocket League will also earn an extra incentive for connecting their game to the Epic Game Store. The incentive is the "Chopper EG" wheels, which isn't anything fancy.

To know more about connecting and consolidating your Rocket League accounts, you can check the blog post from Psyonix here.

For more Rocket League news and updates, stay tuned.

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