Rocket League Update v2.26 Prepares the Game for Season 10, Patch Notes Here

Rocket League Update 2.22
Rocket League Update 2.22 Psyonix

The next season of Rocket League is only a couple of hours away, going live today at 7 p.m. EST on all platforms. There’s a minor patch available that you need to download right away. While it isn't heavy on content, it prepares the game for the upcoming season.

Patch 2.26 brings some QoL features to matchmaking and squashes a handful of bugs and issues. An average wait time counter will now be displayed in the matchmaking search screen. The actual time will depend on the region, playlist, players’ rank, and more. More details about it are mentioned below.

Changes and Updates
Average Wait Time (Matchmaking)
  • An “Average Wait Time” counter has been added to the matchmaking search screen
    • Average Wait Time is based on the player population of the Regions and Playlists you select, and your Rank or skill level in those playlists
  • Time is displayed in minutes and seconds
    • Example: “Average Wait Time: 1:15”
    • In the unlikely event that the wait time is longer than 10 minutes, the message changes to “Average Wait Time: > 10 Minutes”
  • For brand new Game Modes, LTMs, or Playlists with no Rank or skill history, the Average Wait Time counter may be hidden for a short period of time.
  • The Playlist Population meme generator indicator has been removed from the top-right corner of the Casual, Competitive, and Extra Modes menus
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed cosmetic bugs:
    • Huntress Decal for Dingo
    • Blockparty Decal on Painted Car Bodies
    • Titanium White Standard Boost
    • Animated Decals on painted variants of Hotshot Body
  • Fixed a bug causing Special Edition Infinite Yankii RL wheels to appear as normal Yankii RL wheels
  • [Xbox] Fixed a bug causing the first character to disappear when using the Xbox virtual keyboard to enter a team name
  • [PS] Unable to purchase credits after browsing contents for more than 10 minutes
  • [PC] Fixed a stability bug causing a crash on game exit
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect camera and car placement when rapidly navigating shots in Custom Training

The complete patch notes of Rocket League Update v2.26 are mentioned here. You can also visit the official site to read the complete list of known issues.

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