Rocket League: Update 2.04 Removes Voice Chat for Now

Rocket League Update 2.04
Rocket League Update 2.04 Psyonix

Rocket League developers Psyonix and Panic Button Games have launched Update 2.04. One of its highlights is the removal of the in-game voice chat for the time being. According to the developers, they removed the feature since many players experienced service disruptions and mid-match lag because of it.

Apparently, the current voice chat system is not up to par with modern standards, which did not work well on Rocket League. So, to prevent any hindrance to the quality of play, the devs have temporarily disabled the feature. Do not worry as they will improve the game’s voice chat system, and it may be implemented early next year.

In addition, Update 2.04 also fixed a bug that has prevented PS5 consoles from fully supporting the 120 FPS mode. Now, players can enjoy the game at a smooth 4K 120 FPS without HDR enabled. Those who prefer crisper graphics and better detail can set the resolution to 4K at 60 frames per second with HDR turned on.

It is important to note that HDR (High Dynamic Range) is automatically disabled if the player chooses to play the game at the highest supported frame rate. On Reddit, most players with compatible hardware can now use the 120 FPS mode without problems.

Anyway, Redditor @MayContainPeanuts asked the devs if voice chat requires the use of the new Unreal Engine 5 or if it can be supported using Unreal Engine 3. Redditor @Psyonix_Devin replied that they’re adding voice chat back to the game even if it is still running Unreal Engine 3. If everything is going to be ok, the feature will be re-enabled in Season 6.

While most people do not have problems with the latest patch, some PS5 users have reported that the option to change the performance/quality mode has disappeared after the update. Although there is no explanation yet, it would appear that the game feels much smoother now, provided that the PS5’s 120 Hz support is set to automatic.

Rocket League Update 2.04 is now available on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

Do you play Rocket League on PS5? If so, are you playing it using 120 FPS mode or 4K/60 FPS with HDR enabled?

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