Rocket League Stranger Things Event Arrives For Halloween

The game has a new crossover and this time it's one of the hit series in Netflix.
The game has a new crossover and this time it's one of the hit series in Netflix. Psyonix

Rocket League's annual Halloween event is on its way to the game and this year it is expected to be a crossover with the hit TV series Stranger Things.

The Farmstead Arena will without a doubt take on a distinctly Upside Down vibe. As for the Netflix mega-hit’s eerie and infamous Mind Flayer, it will cast an ominous shadow over the field. Apparently, though, it remains a mystery as to how exactly the monster will affect the players’ attempts to score goals. However, developer Psyonix gave players a warning that they need to "make sure to look after your teammates."

Apart from the revamped arena, Rocket League players will be introduced to a variety of Stranger Things cosmetics with which they can kit out their battle-car and banner. What is more, players can obtain candy corn to spend on treats from the Haunted Hallows event store. As for items that can easily be picked up, these include wheels with the Starcourt Mall logo, Dustin's Camp Know Where hat (as a topper), a Demogorgon player banner, and a Scoops Ahoy-themed avatar border.

The upcoming Halloween event Haunted Hallows will run from October 14 to November 11 in Rocket League. It will arrive just after this month's update drops. As with other events, there will be an extra three-day redemption period so players can have the opportunity to buy some more items with leftover candy corn.

Also, Rocket League developer Psyonix recently revealed that a new Blueprints system is going to replace loot crates and it is planning to push this update livee starting in December. As part of the overall changeover, keys are expected to be converted into credits, which will serve as the new unlocking mechanism for blueprints.

It is worth noting that these blueprints will be for randomly selected items from the crates. As such, it is best to hoard crates for now, especially since one of them can be turned into a blueprint for an item players have been hoping for.

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