Rocket League Isn't Adding New Sports Modes Any Time Soon

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There aren't any new Rocket League game modes coming soon PSYONIX

Rocket League developer Psyonix recently laid out general plans for where the game will head over the next few months and beyond. In an official post on the Rocket League subreddit, a representative for Psyonix clarified some specifics, including the future of alternate sports modes like Hoops and Snow Day.

According to the post, Psyonix will focus on improving existing modes over working on new ones. “We think we have a pretty diverse and fun set of alternate modes including Dropshot, Hoops, Rumble, and Snow Day,” the post reads. “We’d like to spend time improving those and offering more ways to engage with them rather than putting resources towards yet another addition to the roster. While we can’t plot a roadmap for these potential changes, we are currently engaged in design discussions about how we could offer an experience equivalent to Competitive play for our existing alternate modes.”

Rocket League will introduce a Tournament mode this Spring, so look out for a beta on Steam over the next few weeks Photo: Psyonix

The reason for this decision is simple: players tend to stick to the traditional ‘soccar’ experience. “While new game modes are a great way to bring players into Rocket League (both new and returning) and add variety for players of all skill levels, we see the majority of players migrating back to the original mode after a short period of time,” Psyonix said in the post.

Psyonix also addressed concerns for the Custom Training feature, as many fans have wondered when it would receive an update. Unfortunately, Psyonix believes the feature won’t be as beneficial as others that affect the largest group of players.

“We believe that other features that compete for the same development resources, including Tournaments, Cross-Platform Parties and Player Progression updates, are more important and affect a larger number of players,” the post explained. “We cannot prioritize a feature like Custom Training based purely on its original release date if it’s not as beneficial to the community as a whole.”

It has also been confirmed the February update will release later today, right on schedule. The February update ends Season 6, and begins Season 7 of competitive gameplay. Season 6 rewards will be distributed to those who earned them, and a new crate will also be added with the update.

So what do you think? Are you bummed to know there aren’t any new Rocket League game modes in the works? Are you more excited to see the confirmed updates like Tournaments and Cross-Platform Parties? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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